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I’m still losing the plot – sorry!

Yip, hands up for the worst blogger around *raises hand*. I am trying so hard to fit everything in in a day, but there really just aren’t enough hours. To top it off I’ve just launched a new business, which is eating so many hours I’m surprised I’m still sleeping and eating, but I’ll maybe… Continue reading I’m still losing the plot – sorry!

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Getting stuck into Autumn.

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of year. I could probably do without some of the rain, but we live in Britain so it’s suck it up or move abroad and I’m fairly sure under “reasons for emigrating” WANT LESS RAIN is a good enough answer for a country to take you in!… Continue reading Getting stuck into Autumn.

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Busy Little Worker Bee

I’ve been really lax lately in keeping this blog up to date, sorry folks, it’s been a busy time and I’m still trying to get into a routine of home ed, parenting and fitting in horse training and care schedule. We’re getting there though and enjoying every minute if totally plum tuckered at the end… Continue reading Busy Little Worker Bee

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Fine Motor Work, Life-Cycles and Counting – Oh My!

Ok, hands up, who is melting in this heatwave we’re having? I am Scottish, a West Coaster no less, I’m used to Dull, Wet and Windy 364 days a year. I will never tolerate anything more than 23 degrees and that has to be with a strong breeze. This 30+ malarkey is finishing me off… Continue reading Fine Motor Work, Life-Cycles and Counting – Oh My!