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Living and Non Living


We started this morning off with a short review of what we did the other day with the globe; land, water and air. L happily identified both land and water on the globe before I went on to tell her we’d be looking at things in our world and how they are classified into two categories “Living” and “Non-Living”.

I wasn’t sure how easily she would grasp the concept, but I have been incredibly surprised. It didn’t take her long to get the basics that living things grow and need fuel to do so, in the form of food, water and air. I asked if she could find me something in Tot School that was living, she needed a little guidance at first and together we chose the flowers on the window ledge, then I asked for something non-living and she correctly chose her building blocks.

L got her table out and we began the next part of the lesson, which involved a presentation with Living and Non-Living Cards, which I appear not to have gotten a photo of, whoops! We talked a lot about each thing on the cards and decided which category they would fall into. It was a bit hit or miss to start with, but by about half way, L was making the decisions for herself and reasoning her choices with whether the thing could eat and grow or not. I’ve popped a video on our Facebook Page.

As a reinforcing work, because L enjoys worksheets, she did this simple “Is it living? circle yes or no” worksheet, also indicating to me that her reading skills are in fine fettle.


This exercise made it clear that L had understood the ideas behind the subject and she had fun drawing circles and practising her pencil control and reading skills.


After the lesson it was time for her work cycle. Today she was absolutely desperate to start with her Horse Puzzle, which she can do with ease, an example of choosing a familiar work to give her the self confidence she needs to pursue more challenging works later in the cycle. She spent 15 minutes doing and redoing the puzzle, talking about the individual pieces of anatomy as she did. It may be time to add some horse based extensions to this work.


Today was more of a challenge for L concentration wise, by the time she was finished her horse puzzle she was wandering aimlessly between her shelves. This would be the theme for the rest of our time in Tot School and she wanted my assistance or observations on everything she was doing. The next work she settled on was her chest of ocean animals and cards.


This is another very familiar work that is easy for her. I figure part of the reason for her lack of concentration is that she is feeling a bit under the weather. We skipped tot school yesterday in favour of cuddling in bed and watching tv most of the day as she hadn’t slept much the previous night and was pretty grumpy, we’re both still feeling off today, but decided some work might prove a welcome distraction, which is did to a point.

L eventually chose a challenging work by herself whilst I was doing a write up from Monday. We worked together to play Twinkle Twinkle on this keyboard book. L knows her numbers pretty well now up to about 30 with ease and her colours as well, so this work is ideal for her now. Easy key is numbered and coloured and the notes in the book correspond. I don’t think it’ll be long before we see L playing a tune on her own.


Lastly she chose to work with her calendar. L went through her numbers to 31 and showed a some interest in the clock element and matching the time to her working clock on the wall as well as learning the names of the days of the week, which we have done some work with previously before our summer break. She can reliably identify Sunday and Monday and their placement in the week.


It all got too much at this point and once she tidied her work away she pulled out her mat and claimed she was very tired and wanted to nap in Tot School. Bless her, she even went and got a pillow, blanket and teddy. Poor kid, hope she’s feeling better soon.


Tomorrow, if she’s not too poorly, we’ll be looking at categorising living things into “Plants” and “Animals”

Spoonie Mum





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