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Fine Motor Work, Life-Cycles and Counting – Oh My!

Ok, hands up, who is melting in this heatwave we’re having? I am Scottish, a West Coaster no less, I’m used to Dull, Wet and Windy 364 days a year. I will never tolerate anything more than 23 degrees and that has to be with a strong breeze. This 30+ malarkey is finishing me off and my poor child is a sweaty wreck too. My husband is sauntering about the place shirtless(!) (He is not the kind of man to expose flesh unless it’s an emergency). See, when you pay for this to go abroad and soak in some sun and heat, you’re PAYING for that torture. You mentally prepare yourself for it, right? Send help.

To combat this, as we are fair skinned folks who burn just thinking about the sun, even with sun cream regularly applied, we have sought refuge indoors the last few days. We like sun, we’re not party poopers, but a bit less strong for us to really enjoy it. (We also have 3 huskies who are miserable in this heat, so we get sad for them too). Instead we have been playing lots, painting a lot and even had a friend over for dinner and a catch up.

One of my favourite pictures L has painted recently has to be the Spider. This was her first ever attempt at painting or drawing from reference and she used her new Usborne Cards to do it. I don’t even like spiders, but we’re going to frame this one and another of her drawings to hang up in our hallway.


I popped a couple of new activities on her on her shelves over the weekend too and she is very taken by this Threading Work, which is not an activity she’s shown much interest in before, but with some beads and pope cleaners her task is to make some wiggly caterpillars in theme with the Minibeast Project we’re still doing. She did her first one yesterday.



and today she got the work out again and wanted more pipe cleaners to use all the beads.


When she had finished she was very excited to show her daddy when he came in from work and true to form he was happy to share in her happiness and sense of accomplishment. I’m glad she has found a threading work she enjoys, it’s a great little fine motor skill that not only develops hand to eye co-ordination, but it improves dexterity and it a good finger gym exercise which strengthens muscles which will aid her in her writing ability.

The other new activity added to her shelf is this matching and pegging activity that I downloaded from Twinkl.


It’s another finger gym, fine-motor skill work as well as colour and pattern matching which aids in furthering her development in language and communication. A pre-reader skill. I only added this one today so she’s not yet had it out.

What she has had out is her Butterfly Life-cycle models and we’ve had a few discussions about what each stage is called and which order they appear in. Here she is afterwards organising them into their stages from Larvae to Butterfly.

As L is so keen to write, you may have noticed we have a lot of fine motor and finger gym works out right now from play-doh to threading with beads and a few peg works too. Counting bees and pegging the correct corresponding number is one of the works she often pulls out when she’s pottering about Tot School at the moment. Her love of numbers is fascinating to me as I am the complete opposite. As we were walking up the stairs on Sunday we learned that L can already subitize small numbers, certainly up to 3, we’re unsure of anything further at the moment, but will keep an eye out for it.


As we count down to our Holiday in Cornwall (13 days to go!!) L has become more and more fascinated with knowing when things are going to happen, how long until…etc So I thought it might be a good opportunity to try and begin to teach her the days of the week. Today when her daddy got home at lunchtime she asked him what day it is today, he told her and she came to tell me and we went to find it on our display then she found and matched it on her chart. Well played, Munchkin.


For now though, daddy is finished work and they are playing in the marginally cooler lounge whilst I take a much needed siesta in our outrageously hot bedroom, fan on full tilt, windows wide open and praying for the weather forecast’s predicted storm to break the heatwave!

Losing ounces as I type!

Spoonie Mum




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