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Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

I love snails, I always have. I know they are a gardeners nightmare, but their cute little antennae and uniquely patterned shells and squidgy little bodies just make me go “awww”. It’s a weakness. They’re also so innocuous and easy going they make a fabulous, easy subject to study for toddlers. Moving slowly definitely has it’s benefits as they can be held without skittering off or flying away and don’t bite or sting or any of that slightly less kid friendly stuff that some critters might do.

Last night, as per our previous post, we went into the garden on a bug hunt and found several snails, some ladybirds, a woodlouse, many spiders (my least favourite!) and some flies. We also found some eggs and froth from Spittlebugs

This morning L work and after she’s said good morning and asked me how I slept (she’s beyond adorable!) she asked about her creatures! So we got up and went to see how they were doing. We discovered our snails were asleep so we left them along and checked in on our cricket, woodlouse and ladybirds.


We made sure to add moisture to the tanks as molluscs often die due to dehydration we read, so each day we will make sure it’s moist enough for them and ensure they have plenty of food. We’re planning to go bark and stone and dock leaf hunting later on this evening and maybe even look for some worms.

When L was watering the snails, they awakened and had a bit of a nosy about. It weems they are quite curious creatures. We talked about their different bits of anatomy and how they move and what they eat. Right now she’s not so keen to touch them as she isn’t keen on slimy textures, but it may pass as she gets used to them.


All snails are hermaphrodites, this means they are both male and female, so any two snails can reproduce should they feel so inclined. That in itself is pretty fascinating. We have named two of them so far…

This is Florence
and this is Fred.

Fred is our biggest snail and the most curious and speedy. We may have a snail race in the not too distant future as well where we will set up a tray with some lanes and see who wins. I foresee snails going every which way…

After she decided she wanted to have a look at some of the minibeast related works I’ve laid out on her shelves, even though she isn’t obligated to do any work as we’re on our break, she wanted to. So we don’t have any dedicated Tot School time right now as we usually have (mornings in our house, though it’s open all day and evening for her to go back and forth to if she desires). She chose to do a bee themed maths and fine motor skills work first.


It’s a simple work: Count the bees and place the peg on the corresponding number. She completed a total of 8 cards (there are 11) before decided she wanted to do something else. She then chose one of the workbooks I put together with various freely available resources on the internet.


This book is Hungry Caterpillar themed and has a variety of written work from number formation to pencil control, counting, pattern recognition, cutting skills and more.


Nice work Kiddo 🙂

She went on to do another page before packing this up also and moving onto some play doh!


I really love having an environment just for her learning that she has free access too all her materials and can pick and choose what she learns at any given time. It’s great because there is just no pressure to complete anything in a set timescale, she can start and finish at a later time if she wants to, she’s free to do any task for as long as she wants and ask any questions and working together if she wants to as well.

Lastly she finished off her morning by pulling out her touch board. Today is the first day we’ve done it blindfolded and she wasn’t a fan. She did about half with my assistance before completing the rest without being blindfold.


So much for no “work” lol I’ve said it before though, it’s not really work if you enjoy it and think it’s fun and games 🙂

Spoonie Mum



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