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Learning to play games.

What better time to start learning how to play games than a few weeks before your little summer holiday! 21 days and counting…not that I am…ok who am I kidding, I’m practically counting the seconds! It’s not often we go away anywhere so I am quite excited for a few days in the country, living on a working farm within spitting distance of the ocean!

Matching games, jigsaw puzzles and memory games are games which can be played solo but we thought she was more than capable of learning how to play some multiplayer tabletop games which is why we invested in some fun games themed in accordance with our minibeast project. She absolutely LOVES the Bee Game we picked up at ELC and plays it often with either myself or her daddy.

We also recently purchased The Lady Bird game by Orchard, from Amazon which is a basic counting game that involves rolling a dice and taking turns and counting. We got up this morning and L made her own breakfast, a bowl of coco pops and watched some My Little Pony before asking to play the game. We had a lot of fun, L loves rolling dice, she’s very enthusiastic about it!


It took a little while to play and she was ready to move on after completing one round, but learning about turn taking and the game enhances counting and quantity skills as well as fine motor skills and life skills. It’s a really nicely put together little game and the quality is fantastic, a good size for little hands and strong, thick card pieces that will endure a lot of play.

L got out her journal this morning as well and filled in a page. She drew me, herself and daddy and placed lots of dot stickers around in different colours, even using some for eyeballs she said. I annotated her work afterwards when she told me it was as at the Farm where she liked feeding baby goats and meeting Owlette and Catboy.


Playing with Play Doh this morning too, making more bugs and creepy crawlies with the materials she has. I’ll be changing it up soon to add different embellishments so she can continue with different textures. I plan to gather up some natural materials such as twigs and stones and bark for different textures etc.

L’s spider!

We’re due to do some more painting shortly after lunch. Last night we nipped to B&M after we’d taken our dog to the vet (he’s had a poor appetite and losing weight recently, but nothing obvious going on, so blood tests to do just to check thoroughly) and picked up a new range of paintbrushes.


They’re pretty good quality and a good range of different painting tools to create different brush strokes and textures and for £1.99 you can’t really beat it! I also picked up some A3 coloured card as well for different projects. 313231-A3-Coloured-Card-20Pk

She got straight on it last night when we got home and made some great paintings! The first one she said was all of us at the seaside. Possibly thinking about our upcoming holiday as much as I am haha! She said the white was a submarine in the sea!


After she started painting the Octonauts ❤ First she painted Kwazii…


Then she painted Captain Barnacles…


Then she painted Peso and Dashi!


Lastly she said they were in the sea, in a kelp forest and there was a slime and shellington was trapped. I loved that she created a whole scene, it’s my favourite painting so far and I’m totally keeping it. I’m going to ask her later if we can frame it and hang it on the wall.


I’m looking forward to setting up after lunch, as that’s what’s she’s asked to do and see what she comes up with. So much fun!

Lunch calls!

Spoonie Mum





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