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Peg Boards and other Work.

Well this weekend has not gotten off to the best of starts with her classes. Yesterday we turned up for Cheerleading where L point blank refused to go join the class and had a meltdown of epic proportions. We left. We’re not sure what happened or why she didn’t want to go, given she talks about it all the time and the last couple of weeks she’s really enjoyed herself. We wondered if it was tiredness as she did come right home eat her dinner and immediately go to sleep…so we’ve chalked it up to that and we’ll try again next time.


This afternoon was her 2nd ballet and tap class since starting at MADD but it got to 30 minutes before leaving and she was adamant she didn’t want to go, so we didn’t and again will try next time. We’re away on holiday with family next week, so she’ll miss those classes too, but hopefully when we come back, she’ll be feeling ready to try again.

Today we went shopping instead, primarily for new trainers for going away. We’re pretty set on letting L choose clothes for herself and having that independence and autonomy which meant she would choose the most eye-watering shoes in the shop… She loves them and it felt good to let her get what she really liked.


We then went to Lidl for some bits and bobs and I spotted this!


It cost the grand total of £2.99, bargain! I’d been on the look out for a peg board ad this fits the bill nicely. Peg boards are great for imagination, fine motor skills, sequencing, maths and pattern work. L couldn’t wait to get it out when we got home and her self imposed challenge was to fit all 100 pegs onto the board. She managed too!


I’m going to look for some cards with patterns and things on for her to use with this as well and other activities as well as free work as well. Big fan and so glad we popped into Lidl.


I also spotted these books when we were in as well. They are little workbooks that cover different subjects. Again, workbooks are NOT considered Montessori, but because L enjoys them, we buy them. If you’re strictly Montessori they may be of no use to you, but for those who come across this post who aren’t strict or just a home-ed family, whatever method, they may be useful. £1.49 each for these little books and I spotted 5 in total that were different.


I had a quick look and had to buy them all because the content looks great. The age suggest from 4yrs + but there are some things in the books L would be able to do now on her own and some things she could do with a little parental guidance, such as reading the directions out loud to her. Here are some example pages from each of the books:

Nature: Observing and Understanding.


Making Connections.



Learning Curves


Maths: First Numbers


Maths: First Sums.


I think they look pretty good. I can’t seem to find anything online about them, but if/when I do, I’ll post some links if anyone is interested and can’t find them in Lidl.

Earlier in the week, you may have noticed we introduced our first Mystery Bag to L in Tot School. This work develops Stereognostic Sense, which is when you can identify objects based on touch alone. The bag is filled with objects, often around a theme: Ours is Everyday Household Items (for us) and the idea is to introduce the child to the objects one by one via a presentation. Once all the items are placed back in the bag it’s their turn to put their hand in, grab an item and describe how it feels and try to identify what it is. Good fun and a great skill to develop. How many of us rummage in our bags everyday and can’t find what we’re looking for?



Not sure if we have any plans for tomorrow yet, we may pop up to the stables and go for a ride then in the evening we’re off to our friend’s BBQ, equally I may spend time gathering what fun works and toys we can take with us on the plane! The world is our oyster.

Spoonie Mum!



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