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I’m still losing the plot – sorry!

Yip, hands up for the worst blogger around *raises hand*. I am trying so hard to fit everything in in a day, but there really just aren’t enough hours. To top it off I’ve just launched a new business, which is eating so many hours I’m surprised I’m still sleeping and eating, but I’ll maybe… Continue reading I’m still losing the plot – sorry!

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Busy Little Worker Bee

I’ve been really lax lately in keeping this blog up to date, sorry folks, it’s been a busy time and I’m still trying to get into a routine of home ed, parenting and fitting in horse training and care schedule. We’re getting there though and enjoying every minute if totally plum tuckered at the end… Continue reading Busy Little Worker Bee

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Celebrating Robert Burns

Who IS Robert Burns and why is he celebrated? Robert Burns, otherwise known by most Scots as ‘Rabbie Burns’, was a prolific Scottish Poet (among other things), heralded as the pioneer of the Romanticism Literary Movement of the 18th century. The celebration we still enjoy today is celebrated every 25th of January, which was Robert Burns… Continue reading Celebrating Robert Burns

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Chinese New Year Temple Fair: Nottingham

Today we froze our various sized butts off whilst attending the Temple Fair for Chinese New Year that the City Council helped organise. It was really great – so many beautiful music and dance performances, including the infamous Dragon Dance. We arrived just a bit late but did catch The Dragon and The Red Sun… Continue reading Chinese New Year Temple Fair: Nottingham


A little Culture never hurt anyone.

I’m sure I mentioned my rather appalling lack of organisational skills in a previous post, if not I’m sure I have at least over on our Facebook page. So we’re pretty slow off the mark this year already with looking at different cultural celebrations that happen through the year. L is an explorer, an adventuresome,… Continue reading A little Culture never hurt anyone.