The Last of our Holidays…

So the last of our holidays have been a bit chaotic, we had one more excursion up our sleeve for L which we’d pre-booked to surprise her – Birmingham Sea Life Centre Octonauts Event!


How could we not? The chance to meet an Octonaut and get involved in Octonauts fun? Too good an opportunity to pass up! As predicted it was a roaring success. L loves the aquarium anyway and seeing all the beautiful sea creatures is so relaxing. Don’t you think so? L loves spotting the creatures and we LOVED seeing the various octopodes they have there. One is even named Beverley and she is a fun loving problem solver of the highest degree – Cool! The cuttlefish were just as fascinating.


We spent a good few hours there and expected it to be a lot shorter than it was as it looks pretty small from the outside, but they seem to have utilised what space they have well and creatively! They had this AMAZING Octonauts Show screening on in the theatre hall and it had cool special effect from flashing lights to rumbling vibrating seats, 3d AND bubbles! I don’t know what else as L decided of allt he things she hated the flashing lights and wanted to leave, so we barely made it 5 mins in, bless her. James and I thought it was awesome though and maybe if they do it again or something similar in the future, she’ll enjoy it more being older…


The rock pool section is always a hit in such places where you get to touch a sea creature, L made friends with this little starfish.


The penguin exhibit was both good and not so good, L adored it because you could really see them swimming and diving and they have a baby, but for me it was too small and a shame it all being indoors. It was the same at The Deep, I much prefer seeing them outdoors in a more natural habitat if they’re going to be in captivity, but obviously location plays a key factor in exhibit size and design.


This little kid tunnel was lovely, above her she is surrounded by hundreds of clown fish and anemones. It was so pretty and as you can see, she was completely mesmerised by it. Really cute and a nice little touch to the exhibits for little kids.

The huge tunnel at the end is pretty sweet it has a glass floor as well as glass all around, which was pretty cool. The giant turtle was right beside us as was the guitar fish and sharks. I think we all agreed this was our favourite exhibit over all from a feature point of view, though I loved the octopodes most of all 😉

Right at the end before the shop is a small soft play area, naturally L couldn’t wait to get her shoes off and dive right in. She played for about half an hour as we waited for the Octonaut of the Day to arrive as his meet and greet was also at the end. I’m really glad it was there as a distraction actually as the whole way round she kept asking “Can we see the Octonauts now?” and “Where are the Octonauts?” so this was handy as we found out he wasn’t due out for another 30 mins :O That’s almost a lifetime or 6 for a 3 year old!


Time soon rolled around and out came….



It was a lovely day out and glad L got to meet one of her very favourite tv characters, totally worth it to see her wee face.

Since then we have had renovators in. A few months ago we booked in to have our upstairs bathroom completely redone. It’s always stressful having strangers coming into your home, but the guys who were here ever day all day for 5 days were lovely. Very polite and respectful and have done a wonderful job. After the first day I was thinking “Oh boy, what have we started?”


By day 5 when they finished it was totally worth it, which was yesterday.


In-between there has been plenty horse time for everyone…

20245640_10159211770455037_6261229644912005263_n.jpg…and park play making friends.


As well as the two final classes of this term of Baby Ballet which have been a roaring success! It’s now holiday time and classes don’t return until 9th September, but we are back at Tot School this coming Monday and I’m all ready for some more “formal” learning as we introduce some Geography, Botany and other Sciences to L’s Education.



L herself is more than ready, the one thing we have learned from our summer off is that some structure is vital for L to function, which has honestly surprised me. We were going to continue the holiday and start back Tot School on 1st September but her need for structured stimulation is very high, so I’ve cracked on and prepared and this Monday we’re diving right in. L’s excited she says she’s a much bigger girl now and can’t wait for work – I wish I’d felt the same at her age! 😉

See you all Monday!

Spoonie Mum




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