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Summer Holiday Fun

We are all very much enjoying our Summer Break, we had the most amazing time in Cornwall on a family holiday where we explored beaches, cafe’s and coastal towns sampling the local produce…mostly ice cream! To be fair we had absolutely SCORCHING weather, it was wonderful and Roskilly’s Ice Cream is absolutely to die for, I HIGHLY recommend visiting their farm for the full experience. The garden courtyard area if gorgeous and shaded and you can tour around and see their animals as well as watch their fudge being made and a selection of ice creams to try and food if you’re making an afternoon of it!

L loved the sea so much, this was her first proper visit where she really appreciated what was on offer and J and I were in our element watching her explore and be excited by the waves and paddling in the sea. I have never seen a child so thrilled by the waves splashing her feet, it was beautiful.


We went rock-pooling and found baby crabs and sea snails and enjoyed a very hot afternoon on a very hot, sandy beach at Sennen Cove where L played in the sand building castles and forts and trenches and making little shapes!


We loved exploring Lizard Point and the day we left four our holiday we gifted L with a little surprise! Her very own camera to take pictures and enjoy and share HER experience with everyone. I was genuinely amazed by the quality of her images and I’ll share those in a separate picture post of her work, because it’s worth it!

Here she is taking some photos over the wall of the see and boats at The Lizard and she looks like a little pro. I was delighted that she loved her gift and made really good use of it off her own back as well.


I wish we could go back, hell, I wish we could live there. The scenery is breathtaking when the weather is on your side for sure and everyone was so polite and friendly and who wouldn’t want to live in a place where you get a fresh supply of Cornish Cream, Ice Cream, Milkshakes and Pasties anytime you like?! Seriously…that Ice Cream. YUM!

We have been pretty busy this summer break, we had our holiday but that’s not all we’ve been up to, it’s been quite exciting!

My husband did his annual Robin Hood Cycle Live Bike Ride which L and I always pop along to cheer him over the finish line and support him. He did the 75 mile ride this time over the 100 miles he has done the last few years and said he enjoyed it more as it started a bit later and cut it one of the awful hills that has added to his wrecked shoulders every year, bless him.


We had a good spot this year to see him finish and L was chanting “Come On Daddy, Come On Daddy!” over and over as she knew he was almost home.

We cheered and clapped and celebrated before going to find him at the refreshment tent. Here he is, doing something he loves and has done so to raise money for charity before as well. ICP and Cancer Research have both benefited from his efforts previously 🙂


The event always has live music and an announcer/dj from the radio there as well as well as food stalls, charity stalls, police, ambulance and much more. This year they also had lots of inflatables which L had fun on after J had come home, relaxed and we’d had some picnic lunch.


If it’s not Bike Rides and Holiday’s we have visited the park to play and burn some energy, which is always a good fall back when other ideas are lacking. L continues to make friends with just about any child, which is lovely, however, she does struggle when it comes to leaving time and gets quite upset when either she or her new found friend have to leave. Doing timed countdowns don’t even seem to help yet…


The biggest event, bar our holiday, this summer is probably the buying of our horse…

For some time we were set to buy my ex loan horse whom is very very special to me, but after much thought a hard decision to decide against purchasing him was made, as we looked at it financially and the longevity and practicality of what I was looking for in reality. I started looking around whilst everything was still unsure and lined up some to see, I went to a stud farm as well until I spoke to a lady in rescue, completely by chance for something else, and that’s when I found him, a wonderful, beautiful gelding, with the kindest nature and funny personality. He is nothing like what I imagined myself having in terms or “looks” or breed. I was thinking something heavy boned, cob, native breed or a lightweight draught perhaps, but nope, I have a bay 4 yr old gelding who the rescue thinks is Welsh Section D x Standardbred. WOW! Unexpected. I heard his story, saw some pictures and thought “I’ve nothing to lose by viewing him” so did…It was an instant connection, so we have our first horse and training is going beautifully. L loves him, as she does all horses and her favourite activity is feeding him.


She measures out the right portions of feed, puts it in his bucket and mixes it all up. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship and hopefully as she grows she will be able to ride him too. By the time she’s 9-10yrs old he’ll be 10-11 yrs which is a good age. I’m excited for both of them and our future.

So between running to the yard to train him, yard duties and feeding, grooming and checking him, we have a few other things planned for this summer before we start back Tot School on 1st September!

At the end of this week (I think it’s this week) we are taking L to Birmingham Sea Life Centre to see The Octonauts!20017824_1477372768965976_7495181386261390108_o.jpg

We have a Showjumping event to attend to cheer on our friend’s horse’s first outing, we have a dog show to go too and a big fun day for the horse rescue, plus so much more!

Until next time!

Spoonie Mum






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