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White Post Farm & The PJ Masks!


After the stressful week we had, with the looming General Election (which in my opinion has not gone well and feeling quite worried about the UK’s very uncertain future right now) and L’s heart appointment yesterday, it was really great to have something fun and positive to look forward to today.

White Post Farm is a lovely attraction in Nottinghamshire. We’ve been once before when L was quite little, possible around a year old…we don’t think she was walking yet at any rate and she loved seeing all the animals, but was mostly confined to her pram or our arms. This time she had free rein and could get involved in everything!

James booked us tickets whilst we were on our Trip to Glasgow because I spotted special guests who were going to be at the Farm today, guests whom L would be very excited to meet, and I wasn’t wrong! PJ Masks is a tv show she enjoys and often pretends to be the characters, so much so my best mate bought her Catboy’s Mask for her Birthday and was a must bring item for today, which she never took off!


Great mask, really sturdy and thick, robust plastic with a good, secure adjustable headband and lined with rubber, like goggles, for comfort and security!

When we arrived at the farm today we made a beeline to see the characters as L was so excited to meet them! It was busy, but not so busy for a Saturday actually, I was surprised. We didn’t have to wait long before the characters made and appearance and L got her chance to meet, hug and have a photo op! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my little girl so happy and excited: It’s infectious!

Catboy and L ❤ 
Owlette and L ❤ 

They were there all day from 11am-3pm, taking it in turns to entertain the public in half hour slots each. It was so humid today I had all the respect in the world for their dedication, I can’t imagine how hot and stuffy those suits must have been!

Once we’d had a meet and greet it was time to explore the farm. We had bought some food from the kiosk on the way in for ducks and geese and for some of the four legged critters. It was the ducks and geese we stumbled upon first as they were right next to the Character Area. Hand feeding ducks can be fun, but some can be quite enthusiastic. L is pretty confident and not easily put off when they’re a bit rough, but younger or more sensitive children might be.


As you come into the farm there are two farm vehicles on display, a combine harvester and a tractor. Both are open and available to climb up into to have photos take. L was too wee and wouldn’t have been interested last time, but today she was right up those steps and pretending to be a farmer and driving.

Driving the Tractor
Having a whale of a time in the Harvester!

Exploring the Silver Barn was next on the cards. There is a huge play area inside with soft play and toys and indoor sledging as well as animal feeding and holding as well. We just adored the goats, they were just so gentle and lots of new babies born who were so cute and inquisitive!

This goat just stood and gentle offered its head for a good rub. What a sweetheart ❤ L obliged of course.

In the hatchery there were lots of baby chicks and ducklings about too. This little observation window showed some baby chicks sleeping under a heat lamp.


Around the back there is this play barn, L absolutely went nuts for this indoor sledge run. I wasn’t sure she’d want to do it alone, but she surprised me big time and spent the next 30 minutes on this alone, it was awesome and it’s no wonder she is absolutely shattered now! You can see my husband up the top in black, she struggled to get herself over the lip at the top, so he would get her set up and on then manoeuvre her to the edge and let go. It was good teamwork.


There was also a fair sized softplay area as well which she had a go on too.


As well as another play area that had two big summer houses with play kitchens, workbenched, building blocks and role playing toys and an astroturf “garden” with some outdoor toys and other things to play with. L enjoyed this area too.


This particular area at the back was definitely suited to younger children, I’d say 6 and under probably?

One of our favourite activities of the day was bottle feeding baby goats. They were awesome! They tore out of their little paddock, bleating away as they ran to find each of the milk bottles! L was a pro at it. This was her first experience bottle feeding anything and if we ever have the chance to hand rear any animals in the future (I’ve helped rescues in the past), she’ll be fabulous.

The instructions were to hold it between our knees until the babies found it, they hold it up so the baby was stretching its neck like a giraffe. Spot on kiddo!

We went for a nice wander around the paddocks afterwards where we saw sheep, more goats, llamas, ponies, donkeys and cows and L got in about feeding them some more of the food we’d picked up for the four legged animals. The sheep were a big hit. They’d all been fairly recently shorn by the looks of their coats which gave them a funny texture. My husband and I thought they felt a bit like a dry sponge haha.


They were nice and friendly, which we couldn’t say for the llamas, they were really aloof…except for this guy, who was both aloof AND bossy when it came to asking for food! haha


We stopped for a bit of lunch after as we were all pretty hungry and the sun came out at last! What a muggy day it’s been all day. I would not have been surprised if we’d had some thundery showers, but the rain held off, as did the storm. It feels like we’re due one though!

As we wandered around the other side of the farm after lunch we had a go at milking “Molly” – cool skill to have and the model cow either makes it really easy, or L and I are naturals 😉


One of the last activities of the day was L having a handling session with some of the little pets. We had a bit of a cuddle with this little cutie, we love Guinea Pigs! This sweetie was only about a month old, so just a baby and yet so placid and relaxed. Nice to see for sure.


L was so enthralled to have a gentle, furry, living creature snuggle on her lap and who can blame her. Look at that face!

We had a really great day learning about the animals on the farm and how they are fed and cared for and talked about some of the produce people eat and drink that comes from animals. A good fun day out and would highly recommend it to anyone, young or old, their is something for everyone!

L got too tired and started getting quite emotional so we decided to call it a day, but things we didn’t get to see or do was sheep racing, teddy bear building, go karts, outdoor park, the aviary, tractor/trailer ride, wallaby and pigs or crazy golf. There is always next time though!

Now for dinner and my feet up because we’re puggled too!

Spoonie Mum




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