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Hospitals and Hearts.

Today was a big day for us and sent my anxiety to an all time high: L had her Cardiology appointment at a specialist clinic at a hospital 40 minutes from us. I was absolutely blown away with how she took everything in her stride, she was a little diamond and her calm helped me relax.

We got to the hospital with time to spare and when we arrived at the Cardiology Unit she was called immediately – Talk about efficient! We went into a side room where she was measured and is 91.1cm tall and weighed in at 15.8kg – Nice and healthy. Afterwards she was asked to sit on the chair/bed thing and had an ECG done. Having had one before I gently reminded her of this, that it was a little test where they put really sticky stickers and clips on and recorded the rhythm of her heart.


Even though it’s not painful or invasive, I find it really hard to see my little girl covered in wires and medical devices. She was so brave and curious about everything, watching and observing and listening to everything we were telling her about what was happening, what was about to happen etc.

After this first test we were returned to the waiting room to wait for the next one where there were a vast array of toys available. Lizzie made straight for a barn with animals – predictable!


We waited for around 10 minutes before we were called into another room, this time for an Echo. L has also had one of these before and was a pro last time too. We explained what was going to happen and she got on the bed and sat watching the tv and projector on the ceiling for a little while, then spent the rest of the time watching and listening to her heart on the monitor.


This took about 20-30 minutes and will always be amazed that she sat still and quiet the whole time. I don’t think I would have managed that at her age. I am so proud of her for how she handled it all today. Once this test was done we returned to the waiting room to talk to the consultant after he reviewed the results. It didn’t take too long considering there were other folk waiting and he was the only doctor working!

Really lovely doctor who was great at engaging both L and us the parents, smiling, making jokes and chatting in a really chilled out, straight forward way. Basically there is no change to her condition, not that we expected there to be, it’s not something that usually gets worse as such, not until she’s a bit older, which is why the PDA needs closing at some point, but it’s not urgent (thank goodness). The doctor gave us some information on the procedure she will have done, which will be a day patient procedure called Transcatheter Closure of PDA. I’m glad the likelihood of an overnight stay is minimal, less stress hopefully for everyone involved. As it’s not urgent, we’re awaiting an appointment with the surgeon who will perform the procedure in about a year from now. This will give us plenty of time to get to grips and prepare ourselves and hopefully continue to discuss it with L in a non-scary way so she’s prepared as can be and not worried. Lots of doctor fun and role-play and possible even organised play sessions with the hospital teams as well where she gets to play and explore the implements and environment as well in a relaxed way.

Before we left the hospital she ended up having one more test. An x-ray. This was a new experience and she was excellent at this as well. She fair accumulated stickers from all the nurses too. haha!


After the hospital we grabbed some lunch and a new Hatchimal Colleggtible for her before coming home to chill out. A well deserved treat for being awesome today.


She was so tired though after all that this morning she almost fell asleep in our dog’s bed. This is the first time she’s lay down in it ever and she did so with the intention to nap, twice! It’s hairy and smells of dog, why she’d want to I’ll never know. Then again, at her age, I did the same with my aunt’s dog’s bed…


A nap was soon abandoned and she asked if she could paint. When we were at the shop she picked up a magazine and inside was a toy painting kit. She was super excited to crack on, so we covered the dining table and set about it. I think they look fab, what do you think?

A Bear, A Unicorn, A Dinosaur and a Rocket!

She was super focused on her task and again, really got into mixing colours. I posted a short video over on our Home-Ed Facebook page where you can see her in action.


We love a good painting, colouring, crafting session here, you may have noticed. I’ve always been pretty artsy, it’s so therapeutic and fun. As adults we often forget to enjoy the process and focus too much on the finished product when really the process is the fun and exciting experimenting phase we should embrace more and is what little ones love about the whole thing. L has helped me be more spontaneous with arts and crafts.


Bed time is now looming, so she’s got out bedroom tv on and is cuddling up watching some Kids Youtube before we properly get her settled for the night with a story.

Thank goodness today is over. Tomorrow we’re off to the Farm!



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