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Voting, Painting and a…Holiday?

Today is a pretty big deal in the U.K as we vote in our General Election. I am not a politics Guru, in fact my husband broke down the important manifestos for me and gave me great impartial insight on a lot of the issues that either directly affect me or I am passionate about and with that I was able to make a decision that I was happy with. We went this afternoon to put our cross in the box and now it’s a waiting game until the polls start coming in from 10pm local time. Here’s hoping for a safer, brighter and better future for my daughter…

Sensory Bin

L has spent much of her afternoon playing with toy caterpillars in a cup and mud, they arrived in the post today and I set up a messy play bin with compost and her caterpillars in, a magnifying glass, tweezers and a bucket with some fake leaves on top of the soil to rummage around in before we bust out her new stencils for a painting session before dinner.

These were a couple of pounds from Amazon Market Place: Plastic, flexible and fully washable plus easy to use with little kids big brushes and little fingers.


I love her focus. She was really concentrating on her work here and very enthusiastic about mixing colours together! Time for some science fun soon I think…For a child though who’s not keen on tacky, cold, slimy things, she loves painting and painting herself! Not all activities go to “plan” haha


Today she went blue because she “wanted to be Rainbow Dash”. For those not in the know, Rainbow Dash is a Pony from My Little Pony: She’s pretty bad ass 😉


She went on and painted several of the minibeasts, seeming to enjoy the effect of painting over the plastic shapes the result had on the paper.


L was pretty proud of her work and wanted a photo taken with it. It’s on the drying rack now and she’s cleaned up, eaten her dinner and gone to bed. Fun filled days are exhausting 🙂


Tomorrow my husband is thankfully off work. L has her cardiology appointment for her PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis). “The ductus arteriosus is a fetal blood vessel that closes soon after birth. In a PDA, the vessel does not close and remains “patent” (open), resulting in irregular transmission of blood between the aorta and the pulmonary artery.” – Wikipedia

We’ve waited and waited and had many cancellations and I’m dreading it. Nobody likes the thought of their child having to undergo surgery…Tomorrow is a meeting with her new cardiology paediatrician and I assume to discuss the procedure and when it’s likely to take place. Whilst it isn’t affecting her now, it’s a condition that does tend to worsen with age and can be very serious indeed. Wish us luck! I’ll post more when I know more.

In good news…We have booked our first family holiday together since our Honeymoon. I could count Centre Parcs last March, but that included Grandparents on both side, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin as well. This is just, me, J and L (and the dog!). I absolutely cannot WAIT. It’s only a few nights, but it’s down in Cornwall in a place called Coverack and oh my goodness, the beauty of it looking at photos from Google! I’m in love and want to move! I’m very excited to go exploring with L and J and just relax our little socks off. Here’s hoping for good weather and warmth! Eep! 25 days and counting!!



Spoonie Mum




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