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Couldn’t Wait to Get Started!

Wow! I was expecting some kind of interest and possible minor disinterest or indifference as insects have only registered on her radar when she has accused blue/green bottles of being bees when they come in the house and our Bearded Dragon’s dinner! She has mentioned them more and more though and started pointing them out, so I decided to go all out and get some resources to nurture her budding interest and hopefully foster a positive attitude towards all creatures, big or small. Insects are hugely important to our ecosystem and whilst many people avoid or even run and scream from them, the majority in the UK are harmless. They may not be the most appealing creatures to look at, and on closer inspection could even be considered creepy, their design is usually very functional.

When L saw me setting up her Tot School with various tray works, books and games she was enthusiastically asking me about each one and was VERY eager to play her new Honey Bee Game. So, we all sat down as a family to play a couple of games before dinner – Daddy was clearly the best and I was terrible haha


A work I hadn’t photographed yet for the previous post was a tray with Play Doh and some embellishments to create and decorate some of her own insects. This went much better than I expected and she came up with a few different ones!

Insect 1 has eyes and no legs.
Insect 2 had lots of legs!
Insect 3 was elaborate…
…it had lots of eyes and spots!

Such a fun and simple little tray work that she got a lot of creative enjoyment from. I fore-see this being a favourite.

I added another couple for works to the shelf areas which obviously include the dough tray above and this I Spy game with a tick sheet! Thanks Twinkl!


Love these thanks to Prekinder for the fantastic free printable mats for these! Check out the link to freebie printables. I’m so grateful to all the hardworking folk who make printables and offer them for free, I’d be so lost without them so from me and L to you – THANK YOU!


I’m really looking forward to watching what she makes of all the different works I have out and the others I have in reserve to switch out in a week or two. This week we have Life in the Undergrowth documentary to watch featuring the Sir David Attenborough, my hero, which will hopefully be captivating for her too. 1280x720-f6L

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