Our Trip to Scotland

There’s nothing quite like solo parenting a head strong three year old for a week to really put things in perspective. I cannot put into words just how much respect I have for single parents. Our trip was exhausting, but a lot of fun and it was really great to see family. They were amazing and spent a lot of time with L bonding, playing and entertaining in general which did give me some much needed down time from that kind of stuff, but you never really stop parenting, do you? I love spending time with my family, they’re a great bunch and love L to bits and so good with her and incredibly supportive of our parenting choices from our attachment style/gentle parenting methods to our decision to home-ed and are always encouraging, interested and engaged which makes us feel incredibly loved, however, next time I’m making The Husband book time off work and he’s coming too, it’s much easier to tag team L which the going gets tough! 😉


We flew into Glasgow last week and I must say, as I’ve gotten older, the worse I fly. Take off is absolutely the worst, I hate speeding down the runway and I hate the juddering and dips as you get buffeted by thermals, wind and pockets of whatever in the blasted clouds. Once we’re up there above them, it’s fine and we’re all good! L LOVES flying, she loves looking out the window and spying tiny houses and speeding down the runway with cries of “WHEEEEEE!” (whilst I grip my seat with my eyes closed lol)


The day after we arrived we decided to head to the library to get some bedtime reading material for L. It’s not something we really do at all at home. We read to her and look at books throughout the day, but there is no bedtime story routine, but one took hold the whole time we were up there. My sister was the firm favourite for bedtime reading but her partner also got involved as did my mum.

At the library they had some puzzles and beads which L spent most of her time doing during our visit whilst me, my mum and my sister perused the books.


We picked out 10 altogether and they provided plenty of bedtime reading. Her favourites were “Press Here” which I’ve had on our Amazon Wishlist for a while and finally ordered it because it was awesome and such a big hit. She also loved 10 Flying Brooms, Spot Touch and Feel and Usborne Peep Inside Space.

It was lovely to see my mum and L snuggle up in bed for a story – Both really enjoyed it 🙂

Grandma reading Spot’s Day Out (Touch and Feel)

We also went to the local park after the Library that day, which is somewhere my sister and I used to hang out when we were at school. Not as troublemakers I might add, just somewhere recreational to chill out and chat. It’s a pity the council’s funding won’t stretch to budget for the park a bit more, it could do with a wee renovation, new equipment and definitely MORE. I have some great ideas, perhaps I’ll email them!

L didn’t seem to mind and enjoyed herself regardless!

Every morning when she got up, L went straight to the big window in the back kitchen. It’s the perfect viewing platform to watch all the wildlife that descends upon my parent’s back yard. They have all manner of song birds who visit the feeders, they have a big family of foxes who come by every night and at this time of year always have their pups with them too, there is a sparrowhawk that comes by from time to time as well and maybe most notably a very small group of Roe Deer come by as well. We didn’t spot the deer this time, but my parent’s do tend to give the foxes some grub and L would watch that.


She also really enjoyed helping my dad water the flowers in the garden every evening as the weather was so warm. A nice little practical life activity we don’t do here as we have no flowers because the dogs would eat, shred or dig them up. Great opportunity to do some gardening. My dad really enjoyed having his little helper out with him and always asked if she would join him (which she did!)


We popped along to our local softplay where my parents live as well, a regular haunt when we’re up now but it was a bit of a flop. This was the first night L started to get upset that Daddy wasn’t with us (a first!) and was really quite sad about it. She wasn’t upset to the point of screaming or tantrums but she was just sad and distant and kept saying she missed daddy and wanted to go home. I promised her we would if she still felt the same in the morning and see how it went. Spoke to my husband about it and he was prepared to drive up at least half-way if needed, so we had the option but it never went that far and we made it the whole time.

L and my Sister rocking the Orca.
Playing catch with Grandad.

We couldn’t fault the weather when we were visiting either, the skies were blue, the sun was hot and some afternoons and evenings the large garden was put to full use either playing football with her uncle, sliding on her slide, splashing in the pool or playing frisbee.


Towards the end of our trip we went to Calderglen Park. We visited last year without our mum as she’d had a nasty fall down some stairs at my sister’s her leg was a mess! This year she was fit and able and enjoyed getting to see the Kookaburras almost as much as L did! This was another challenging trip out, especially over lunchtime but we got through it, enjoyed some tasty food, live music, ice creams and lots of playing in the park as well as visiting the zoo.

L attempting to befriend a Meerkat
Observing creatures with Uncle AC
Photo Copyright Kenneth Gordon: L enjoying the park facilities.
Photo Copyright Kenneth Gordon

On our last day we went to Crieff to visit my husband’s parents and go out for the day. The drove us up tot heir home then on to Auchingarich Wildlife Park, which was gorgeous! Really lovely little place, great shop and lots to see and do with friendly staff. L gently stroked a lemur, held a baby chick and petted a lovely rabbit.


There’s a great outdoor play area there with lots of great equipment to play on, slides, trains, sand pits, zip lines and more!


They also have a huge indoor play barn with toys, soft play and crazy golf/putting! Outside the play barn they have these pedal tractors in various sizes to accomodate a range of children’s ages, even some free wheelers for tiny tots! L loved this, though we’ve not really got any pedal toys here at home, so she was learning on the fly with a bit of help from Grandad and Nanny!


L also gave cow milking a try, but it was empty. 

It was a really nice trip but now I need a holiday to recover haha! L was a diamond on the plane both ways, though her ears hurt on the way to Glasgow 😦 Way back was hunkydory! She had people laughing when she asked ” Is that my Captain?” when the Pilot was chatting over the intercom thing and claiming The Husband was in fact her husband…It pleases me when other people are as amused by her antics and chatter as we often are 🙂


Time to palm the child off on The Husband and let him parent – he’s the one who’s had the real holiday I think! I need to put my feet up and grab some wine!

Look out for my next post on some new toys and books we’ve bought L lately that compliment her education.

Signing off!

Spoonie Mum



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