Cheerleading and Dance Classes.

These seem to be how we will be kicking off our weekends for the foreseeable future! On Friday afternoon, L attended her second Cheerleading Class and thoroughly enjoyed herself again. The coaching team are so patient and friendly, it’s a really lovely relaxed atmosphere, which makes me feel really comfortable leaving her in their hands. It absolutely POURED it down yesterday too and my husband and I got soaked on our way to the coffee shop for our new date routine (I could totally get used to an hour for JUST us!) Indulged in a delicious hot cup of Long Black and a tasty slab of Caramel Shortcake. Oh yes! They gave me two forks…do they not know that Emma doesn’t share cake?!


When we went to pick her up we were a little early and I managed to catch a few minutes of a routine they were learning. L looks to be the youngest there bless her, but she’s so easy going she gets on well with some of the slightly older girls who look out for her and keep her right when she has to queue up and wait in line to use the Track (a long trampoline) etc. It looks like this is definitely something she wants to keep going to and I’m delighted.


Today was the first day attending her new Dance School for Gymnastic Dance, Ballet and Tap classes. We arrived and registered and told out of the blue that unfortunately there were no Gymnastic Dance classes now because they felt numbers were too low and the teacher has gone off on Maternity Leave! They could have told me last week when I was looking into it and emailing back and forth; we wouldn’t have turned up an hour and a half before Ballet and Tap then!

L was confident but she was also tired from having not gone to sleep until really late last night and up really early this morning, so it wasn’t the most ideal situation and though she toddled off initially she soon started calling for me and the Dance Teacher brought her through and asked me to join them.


They started warming up from head to toes and L was doing pretty well, she’s had some experience of this from Baby Ballet with us sat there with her encouraging her along. I started off sitting right beside her and slowly moved away as the class went on. By the end I was standing on the other side of the room. Hopefully next time I will be able to be outside…

She learned a warm up routine, then some new ballet steps (and practiced some old ones from baby ballet too!) and we have stretching exercises and steps to practice at home – FUN! Daddy is inflexible and I’m an old, stiff, husk of a human being thanks to arthritis, so there is bound to be much hilarity when it comes to demonstrations haha!


Tap is a whole new ball game for L, she’s never been to a Tap class before but I think she might enjoy it when she has some tap shoes as she loves nothing more than making lots and LOTS of noise 😉 I did both tap, ballet and a few other styles when I studied Musical Theatre in College, so I remember many of the basic steps for beginners and can help a little.

I’m not sure if it’s something she’s going to continue, it’ll depend how we go next week. Her concentration levels were all over the place at times, but it might be something that will get better with time and routine? I hope so. We’ll see how it goes. Thankfully it’s not a pay by term kind of thing, it’s pay as you go and membership is £10 per annum. I’m glad she had fun anyway.

Tomorrow there are some talks of possibly taking her riding on her fave little pony, Mr Chuckles, as we haven’t been for a while because she stopped wanting to go riding. I’m sure he’d love to see her and we’ll enjoy seeing him too ❤ 14581551_10157633114165037_6998098286250081661_n

Spoonie Mum





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