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Our Morning.

We had a bit of a late start today despite L itching to go into Tot School. This was my fault. I had a rough night and slept very poorly and woke up having a panic attack. It was really unpleasant and it took me some time to get myself together this morning to be able to sit with L and observe her work. Thank goodness for my husband having some work flexibility and he was at home to help L sort breakfast and get her ready for the day.

When we did get through mid-morning, though Tot School is always open and available if she wants to go in at anytime, mostly she will only want to be there if one of us is in there with her at the moment. She really wants one of us observing her all the time. I often get her set up with a presentation and then ask her to get along with it herself for a bit and I’ll pop to the toilet or fold some laundry or get myself dressed if I haven’t managed yet, just a little something so she gets used to the idea of being able to do work on her own without one of us needing to be there for her to get on with things. We shall see how it works in the long run though. Today there was no presentation to start with, I’ll only do one to get the ball rolling if L is undecided on what to do to start her day, but today she went in and went straight to her Zoology Cabinet and chose to do the Frog Puzzle straight off the bat.


She’s finding this puzzle very easy to complete now and can name each piece of anatomy that I’m on the look out for non-reading extensions for this activity. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful. Once she had completed that she went straight to her Constructive Triangles on her Sensorial Shelf. This is actually a fairly new work to L. It’s been sat on her shelf for 9 months or more and she barely looked at it, then this May she’s decided is the time. This is the 2nd time she’s had it out in a couple of weeks and already completes the work without any assistance. I was busy cutting up new laminated works when I turned round to see what work she was doing and saw this. Time to bust out another box perhaps. I will refer to the manuals to see what is suggested.


The next work she asked to do was her Pink Series box which is a work we do together. L has absolutely blasted through letters since she took an interest just a few months ago and serious powered through a number of works. This one challenges her just the right amount. Inside the box are some 3 letter CVC words with matching objects. The movable alphabet is used in conjunction with this work.


First she takes the cards with the words on and lines them up along her mat, then she uses her movable alphabet to spell out the word on the card before finally matching the object to it.


Some more sensorial work was done when she finished up with her letters and it’s a work she’s enjoyed on and off for a while but hasn’t been used much lately – Knobbed Cylinders. She started off with one block but was too easy and went from one block to all four!


L ended her morning by wanting to do some work in her Ocean Activity Book. She did some silhouette picture matching, some I Spy and drawing before exclaiming loudly that she was hungry and would like some pasta. Not a bad morning considering the dubious start.


It’s a beautiful sunny day so whilst I may not be up to the world today, I’m hoping when my husband gets off work he will take her out to play at the park, or at the very least in the garden.

Spoonie mum!



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