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All Star Cheerleading?

This has been an exciting week preparing for L’s first independent class where mummy and daddy were not allowed to stay. I am not going to lie, I was nervous that she wouldn’t take to it as I have some hard memories where we tried nursery a year ago and she wouldn’t let me leave. We practice a Gentle/Attachment style of parenting and to just “tough it out” is not an option. So, when I was told I couldn’t stay I was worried she would raise the riot act, but we spent the last week talking about it daily and she was really excited to go and I told her repeatedly we couldn’t stay but we would be just outside if she needed us. I’m so glad my husband was there with me today for that bit of support.

We arrived a little early to check out the gym and let her acclimatize before the other kids arrived and to see what she made of it. Initially she hid and was very shy of her Cheer Coach, but she took her socks and shoes off and tried out he floor. She liked it, it was soft and tickle-y apparently.

She was encouraged to run around and get a feel for the place and settle in, do some stretching and it was nice, we both liked that a lot. The other kids started arriving shortly after and by 4:30 we were saying our goodbyes and out the door. I was nervous like I said and glad to have my husband with me who suggested we go grab a coffee whilst we wait. An impromptu date! Wow! This never happens anymore, I was excited. We walked a short way to lovely little coffee place and had a lovely drink and chat. Thank you James, I really appreciated that distraction because before we knew it, it was time to go pick up L!


She didn’t even notice us when we got back, we were there 5 minutes before she did and only after I called out to her – Goes to show she had a great time and she definitely wasn’t too keen on leaving, so woohoo! Here’s to a little independence for her and hopefully a lovely new skill to learn, fun to be had and friends to be made!


We arrived to the Tinies Class bouncing their way across the trampoline, it was nice to catch a little of what they were up to when we arrived because L has not been he most forthcoming since – typical kids! She’s the little tiny in the navy top with her back to us, talking to the kid in he pink with black leggings.


At the end they had a huddle and cheered. Let’s hope she continues to enjoy herself and we’ll be attending this regularly now we no longer have Montessori Group on Fridays 😦

We are also expecting a registration pack in the post from the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama where we’re hoping she’ll be able to take classes in ballet, tap and gymnastic dance.

4449 - MADD Logo FINAL``

Throughout the rest of the week L has been working on various maths and language works and a few sensorial pieces as well. It was nice to see her get the knobless cylinders out for a while and use them to make a tower and a line.

18290132_10158755970610037_718111021_o (1)

18261524_10158755970380037_1412805539_o (1)

She also worked on her numbers and counters work, which she did really well with though her organisation skills could be better as she kept confusing herself with the glass beads in the pile to be counted and the ones she has already counted.

18261575_10158755971040037_454729317_o (1)

She’s still pretty into her jigsaws at he moment and enjoying learning about Oceans and Sealife, so we’re headed to The Deep on the 15th May up in Hull, so I’m hoping she will enjoy that and learn a lot from our visit.


We’re all set to go on a Mummy/Daughter holiday this month as well when we go to Scotland to see family, she loves flying and we’ll be staying in Glasgow for the most part and hopefully plenty of outings if the weather is nice for us.

No idea what we’re up to this weekend, but stay tuned to find out!

Spoonie Mum



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