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Every day is special…

Even if it feels like you haven’t done anything at all. I find changing gears from holidays back to “work” mode increasingly difficult as I get older. I have this burning desire to make sure the day is fun, whether we’re just playing at home or going out on an adventure. I don’t want to miss a thing and enjoy hanging out with my little girl and giving her opportunities she will enjoy to the max. It can be exhausting though. Especially when you’re already exhausted due to CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and chronic inflammatory arthritis. Yip, it’s like feeling hungover and bone weary that no amount of sleep will cure. That makes every day extra hard work and with a 3yr old with limitless energy and a full blown amazing imagination that goes ten to the dozen – Phew! there are no words.


Some may then say (though they haven’t to me…yet!) That I should reconsider nursery and maybe home schooling is just too much when I could have a rest whilst she’s at school. Believe me, I have thought about this, but every single time I read more crap about the education system, government cuts to funding and lack of resources and over crowded classrooms, bullying, policy and red tape neutering teachers creativity and ability to do their jobs and think “there is nothing on this earth, short my own demise, that would prevent me from home educating my daughter and providing the best I can for her” and I truly and utterly believe that with all my heart. SO, with that in mind, I kind of dread the inevitable this coming year of letters to remind me to register and offialdom coming at me with “oh what school is she going to” and the aftermath of trying to justify our decision. I genuinely cannot be bothered as it’s nobody’s business at the end of the day.

Wow. That turned into an unexpected rant, I guess all the heat lately has been niggling more than I thought. Sorry folks!

We had a busy couple of days in tot school last week when the mood struck L (one of the joys of home-education is the flexibility of it. No rigid schedule or time tables and if you want some maths before bed, so be it!)


(In hindsight, her mat is not the best for photographing this work lol Oh well!)

Or early morning before breakfast perhaps a spot of literacy. This work is a favourite at the moment as she has exploded into her letter works.The sense of achievement and satisfaction she gets from replicating a letter symbol in the sand is wonderful and infectious and you just have to celebrate in her happiness.


Another work she really loves his the maths work. It’s shark themed as we’ve been looking at the Ocean this last month or so on and off and she is fascinated by sharks.

She loves the process of rolling the dice and then spooning the stones onto the mat after counting the number of dots on the dice.


When she wasn’t working on language or maths works from her shelves, she was up to her eyeballs in the sand table. Since we bought her new sand this has been played with daily and oh the fun and adventures her toys have in this sand!


Some days are chill like the Tuesday above and others are a whirlwind of activity for a couple of hours or so. It’s amazing how much you can fit in when it’s one to one. Wednesday we had a lazy day hanging out, playing, watching tv and playing computer games, as you do but Thursday L went into Tot School and didn’t know what to do first!


She started with her touch board (we really need to invest in a blindfold!) and talked about the textures and how they felt and once she was finished with that she decided on another sensorial work with the Colour Semblance Tablets.



I like watching her do this one, she can complete it and finds enjoyment in the task, but it also poses a challenge for her still. Red she did no bother, Yellow was slower but no question, Green and Blue however she hummed and hawed and moved pegs back and forth before deciding they were right. I found that interesting. The final sensorial work she chose that morning was her Constructive Triangles! WOW! Colour me surprised. This is a work she has shown no interest at all in to date, but Thursday she whipped the box out, asked what it was and after a quick demo…


Nice!  She loved talking about the different sizes and shapes! If you want to read about the work, you can check out this link to Info Montessori.

We also did some bead stair work.



She would slide each one down to match it to the picture then count each to make sure it was correct.

Indoorsy kind of days, however this weekend we’ve made the most of the weather We went to visit our horse and give him a carroty treat and some love and fussy, which involved a lovely walk in the sunshine.


I adore the countryside! L walked all the way up and down this lane and we saw a blackbird and a squirrel and collected some stone “dinosaur eggs” on the way. We saw Max briefly today, my husband more than us as I was keeping L occupied until he’d coaxed him down, but he wasn’t having any of it. We decided to wander up and see him instead but he was being a typical huffy haffy, but this handsome old boy never fails to come say hello and give me some love. This is Harley and I have a lot to thank him for. The horse that got my confidence in the saddle back after a 20yr absence. He’ll always be special to me.


L loves him too as he’s a gentle giant and not so pushy when he wants the treats you have stashed about your person, unlike a certain naughty Haflinger and a few of the others. We didn’t hang around long after another gelding forcefully made himself known. He was very big and very pushy that I felt quite intimidated by him so I distracted as he pushed me around a bit whilst my husband got our daughter out of the paddock. Hmph. I wasn’t best pleased but I wasn’t going to struggle with him. Here is a photo of our lad yesterday however, with his best friend Urby, photo taken by my good friend Lauren. What a boy!


We nipped to the park after the stables as the weather was just too nice to go straight home and thought we’d try a new park. Lots of kids around meant lots of friend making opportunities and that’s just what she did, my little socialite. She made friends here with R who’s a good few years her elder.


They drove that fire engine, sharing and taking turns beautifully of their own volition and she also started to chat away to this little girl who was around her age I’d guess. The fire engine seemed to be the best place to bond lol


There was lots of climbing…






Before finally flopping!


The park is just too much fun! There was also a quick opportunity for a nature lesson when I stumbled upon a ladybird! L was quite pleased by the find, can you tell?


It was proclaimed “very cuuuuoooote” as most animals are these days, whether it’s a bug or a bunny! Once we were done having a look at this chap, we popped him safely out of the way, had another little play then headed home for ice cream! Not a bad week all in all.

Spoonie Mum



2 thoughts on “Every day is special…

  1. Very nice update! I love the photos and the explanations of what she is doing as she learns about letters and numbers. Looking forward to playing and talking with her in a month or so! ❤

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