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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you’re all having a relaxing day whether you be celebrating the end of lent with a boat load of chocolate from the Easter Bunny or a more traditional day filled with Sunday Roasts, Family and Church, maybe both, or maybe none!

We have a roast for later after we’ve popped up to see Max but today is otherwise a day for relaxing and hanging out as a family. When we got up and dressed this morning I spotted a big yellow basket that had clearly been left for L from a special visitor and when I showed her she got very excited. Inside she found a laminated egg with her first clue and a magnifying glass! Time to begin the egg hunt!

Her first clue had a picture of my nursing chair…please excuse the non-hoovered carnage! Tot-school has been a bit fun this week and my Sunday Night Hoover in prep for the next tot-school week still needs to be done!


I was amused that she instantly came in and started looking underneath the chair! Here was me thinking a nice easy start would get the ball rolling and she’s already looking for a challenge haha, lesson learned!

There were a few eggs and surprises hidden around Tot School…


An unexpected painting activity, she was more than pleased when she discovered this gift at her 3rd Clue tucked in behind the mirror with a chocolate egg. I made the clues myself by using a little photoshop of items around the house and then made the hunt. The perfect little hunt for a non-reading toddler!


Just then the door went as she was looking for her next clue in the bathroom! It was our lovely neighbours dropping in an Easter basket for L! WOW! We were very surprised and grateful, they often make a fuss of L when we meet them in the street and can’t believe they were so kind to think of her and bring a gift.


After the surprise neighbour visit we resumed our hunt. In the downstairs WC she found 2 eggs and another painting kit, sun-catchers this time before back into the hall and spying a shiny egg hidden in my candle. This clue then led her to our very own Dragon where she found yet another egg and a surprise!


The next clue was hidden in my Western Saddle which had a Thomas DVD tucked inside with a little egg too! Lastly the clue pointed to her toy kitchen, here she was left to find what lurked inside. She looked high and low before starting to open doors and there they were, hidden in the microwave was a box of Easter stamps, a chocolate bunny and a chocolate lolly like a fried egg! Phew!


We settled down to Bacon Sandwiches (well us adults did) and L tucked into one of he eggs…no surprises there. It’s clearly a rule that Chocolate Egg is what’s for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning, right?

After she really wanted to bust out her crafts. I can’t wait to see all the finished products, for L though it’s all about the process and that’s just fine with me.


Craft desk is well used and I’m liking her colour choice right away. This will look lovely when it’s done and I’ll pop it up on her window ledge in tot school. She also started her sun-catchers but I’ve yet to grab a photo of them and once we find some nice ribbon or twine we’re planning to gift one to the neighbours as a thank you for her basket 🙂

The animal shapes get busted out as well – painting and sticking sequins and feathers and poms – they look fab!




Just waiting for them all to dry before we hang them up.

Have you done any Easter Crafts this holiday? We’d love to see some? Post some pics or links in the comments? Alternatively pop them on our facebook page!

Have a lovely day folks!

Spoonie Mum!



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