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Creswell Crags: Easter Day Trip.

Yesterday we made a decision to check out Creswell Crags Easter Hunt. We actually did this last year as well, but as L has more autonomy we let her make the decision on where we would go. It was a toss up between here or Wheelgate Park (a theme park for little kids) and she chose to go to Creswell to hunt for elusive Dragon Eggs! I can’t remember last year’s theme but we thought this was a good one. The Crags is just beautiful and today was lovely and sunny (if a little blowy!) which really makes the day.

We started by grabbing the Egg Trail Sheet from reception and made our way out to the meadow and gorge where the caves are. L found her first Dragon Egg right away!


Attached to the big natural mammoth sculpture in the meadow! “I found one, a BIG BLUE ONE! Look mama, daddy, a Dragon Egg!” It was all very exciting and L was delighted at her first find being easy. We toddled on around past the Den Building site and gathered a few sticks to make some Magic Wands…(Watch This Space!) before continuing on our walk to the Play Park.


There are some lovely crafted wooden structures to sit on and climb on from animal shapes to log walkways, climbing walls and ropes.


We are always nearby as L is small with short legs (like her mother) and if that makes me a so called helicopter parent, then so be it. I’d rather be that than have my child fall and break her neck because I was “giving her independence” or whatever. She has it. She can climb and test her limits and do whatever she feels like, but I’ll be damn sure I’m within catching distance if she should take a tumble. L is a daredevil, she has no fear, she pushes her limits all the time and I’m all for that, it’s a good way to learn and a good way to build her confidence in her capacity to make decisions and problem solving.

It wasn’t long before the hunger cries were had and we were prepared with a small picnic.


A lunchbox from the Cafe had a cheese sandwich she asked for, some wotsits, a Cool Croc apple drink and a pack of raisins. I’d also stuffed a Kinder Surprise Egg in too for good measure. There was also a small colouring book and crayons inside too!


It was pleasant sat in the sun, eating our lunch and chatting about how many Dragon Eggs we still had to find before she could collect her prize. Naturally as soon as a few crumbs were inhaled (L is not the best eater) she was ready to be off. We followed the trail to the Gorge and at the first cave L spotted another clue! Can you see it too?

That made two! We were on a roll. Or so we thought… we walked and L and her daddy looked…


and looked…


but there were no more! Where were ALL the Dragon Eggs? We knew we had to find 5 in total, but there were none to be found. We were clearly missing something. We walked all around, peeking up high, looking down low, in every cave and nook and cranny and before long we were heading back to the visitor centre. That’s when we overheard that there was one in Reception! There were some inside! Aha! On the way back L had another quick play in the park, but it didn’t last long before she was gunning for her Chocolate Prize!


L and daddy went to check out the busy cafe, just in case, whilst I stayed outside with the pram – sure enough, another egg was spotted! Now we were onto something. We toddled up to reception and yes, there she spotted up right up high! That was at 4, one more to go…but we were stumped. We couldn’t see it.

We found the Easter Craft room and thought maybe it could be in there, but it was not, but we sat ourselves down and L got crafting a dragon to help with some inspiration. First she coloured…


Then the glue was out and she was pasting, sticking, scrunching and making her Dragon pretty and shiny! Oh…and a little feathery haha.



Very nice, lovely bright spring colours this Dragon is the Dragon of Spring and Flowers. Good name kid! We decided to have one last good look around before we handed in the sheet and L made friends with this guy. He’s a Cave Hyena!


L is very fond of Hyena’s in general so we popped into the shop to see what their offerings were and of course…she left with Janjar (Which I think is the Hyena in Lion Guard?)


Our last look around then suddenly we spotted it! Right by a feature we hadn’t seen before and only after a kind clue from the lady on the desk – We found it whilst digging for fossils!!


All in all, not as easy as last years, but it was fun all the same. L proudly took her filled in sheet to the desk and was awarded a certificate proclaiming her a Dragon Hunter and a small chocolate egg as well.
Thanks Creswell, we had a lovely afternoon out and will be back, it’s a bit of a tradition for us and definitely need to take family sometime too when they visit.

We have done the cave tours before but haven’t felt L would really get much out of it yet, so holding off another year and then we’ll go for it. Perhaps a cool project around that time too looking at fossils and pre-historic life etc.

Let us know what you’re up to this Easter! Tomorrow we are having a quiet day at home, a home made egg hunt at home, some easter crafts, off to visit Max and a lovely roast for dinner.

Happy Easter!

Spoonie Mum!



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