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Birthday Weekend: L’s 3 Year Old!

I have no words to describe how shattered I am after that weekend. It’s the same every year, big blow out leaving me in bits after haha! Oh well, it’s once a year and barely celebrate anything else with such enthusiasm – she’s my only one, I say to people and not sure who I’m trying to convince…We had a brilliant time though. My mum flew into town from Scotland on the Friday morning and we went to collect her from the airport. It was really great to see her and L was super excited and kept asking if Grandma was here yet. We spent the afternoon back at our place until my husband got off work then headed out for dinner at our rather marvelous local chippy, which we like to boast they placed 3rd in the UK for The National Fish and Chip Awards last year! Their food is amazing, fairly priced, huge portions and the shop itself is quaint as you like – Welcome to the Cod Scallops! If you’re ever in Nottingham, check it out!


Saturday was wild and fun, though L and I had the suspicions a cold was imminent when her nose got sniffly and by Saturday we were in ruins, but we didn’t let it stop us partying like crazy and enjoying our day with friends. We got up and L opened card she got in the mail before getting dressed and heading out to collect her cake (similar to the one in the header image!) and go for Birthday Breakfast!


We took some presents to open whilst we ate which kept L occupied whilst hungrily waiting for her food and also spread out some of the present mass we yet again managed to accrue… Breastfast was a delicious affair at The Harvester at Castle Marina in Nottingham where us ladies had a full cooked breakfast with continental offering of fruit and cereal and pancakes with free juice refills and my husband decided on Belgian Waffles with Eggs and Bacon and Maple Syrup! Yum!

We left there and went straight to the Party Venue, which was at Pirate Play Centre in Nottingham and had a fab time. I couldn’t fault the venue or the staff it was perfect and the package we chose was so fairly priced for everything you get for 10 kids and the staff so polite and helpful and fun. Another big recommendation if you want a party without the fuss! They take care of everything. You turn up with child and cake and you’re away!


The first hour was allocated to the kids playing in the soft play, we had 11 at our party altogether and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and run themselves ragged. It was perfectly timed too, as about an hour in we started to hear cries of hunger! Perfectly timed the staff called everyone to the party room for the buffet which has a selection of sliced fruit and veg, dips, sandwiches, crisps and hotdog buns followed by jelly and ice cream! Whilst we were all eating a special guest came to visit – Marshall from Paw Patrol! He is one of L’s very favourites and she was almost through the room with excitement!


The cake came soon after, which I couldn’t have been more delighted with! We got in touch with a lady around Christmas who was recommended to me by my best friend who makes all her kids birthday cakes (and they have always been amazing!) and I couldn’t fault this lady, she is lovely and her talents know no bounds! Lizzie loved it and it wowed the room to boot – I was so glad the staff took it to cut because honestly I was going to have trouble destroying that masterpiece!

Photo taken by my bestie – Laura!

The final half hour was dedicated to the Teddy-Tastic element of the party. I loved the idea of this and was so worth it. I had minor misgivings I’d chosen the right thing the night before, not for Lizzie but the other kids maybe? It was all for nothing though as they all seemed very happy to get stuck in. All the kids were given a bag of stuffing and asked to choose a teddy skin – they had loads to choose from – dogs, cats, dinosaur, monkey, bears, unicorn, ladybird and more! L chose a blue dog and being the birthday girl was also able to get a free outfit (pirate for her!).


Once all the kids had their bears it was time to stuff. It actually turned out to be quite Montessori in the end as the kids chose which bear they wanted then were left to stuff them (some needed some minor help from us parents) but not a lot. Once stuffed they each chose a heart which they kissed and made a wish and popped it inside with the stuffing. Lastly all that was needed was to zip it up and vecro it closed – Teddy Made!


All in all it was a hit and good fun. I think all the parents were pretty pooped after too as at least half of us were up and down and inside the soft play at one point or another haha Major thanks to our friend Phil for helping all the little ones get up the big step to the slide haha he was a great helper!

It wasn’t all over for us though, we had home to get back to for a major present fest. Every year I think “I’ll buy less…” and every year I think I do but I don’t and forget that my friends and family are so generous and enjoy indulging her too! So we end up with a mass present exodus and no room in the recycling for about 4 years. Total chaos.

We are incredibly grateful to every single person who sent money, cards, gifts and well wishes. There were character gifts, clothes and montessori materials too! Just wow ❤






Phew! Are you exhausted? I was and still am. Sunday was thankfully peaceful in the end due to us all being totally wiped by this cold. We had plans to go to the farm and it would have been a beautiful day to do so, but nobody was feeling too hot, so we just had a day playing with all L’s new toys instead. Today feels much the same, we’re running on little sleep from not being able to breath and coughing and it’s not doing any of us any favours.

We have been in Tot School this morning for about an hour tops I think before L’s frustration got the better of her and she came back to bed with my phone to watch some stuff on Kids Youtube. Fair enough I think, I don’t much feel like doing anything either. Call the Midwife awaits me on Netflix, so time to snuggle, grab a snack and relax now I think.

L got her Ocean Toobs set out she got from our friend Marie and was doing some object and card matching activities. 
She also went and collected her magnifying glass to get a closer look at the details on the Sperm Whale.
Getting stuck into her new horse zoology puzzle she got for her birthday too from our friend Marie – very generous and perfect as L is puzzle mad right now and also interested in anatomy.
Last activity of the morning was a tweezer work tray, but not feeling great and perpetually tired is not helping focus or patience levels so she did one section before packing it in. 
We did have a brief moment where we discussed the weather, day, date, month etc on the calendar.

Hopefully we’re all feeling a good bit better tomorrow and actually get some decent sleep. It would do us all the world of good!

Spoonie Mum



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