Montessori Friendly Gifts for a 3 Year Old.

My disclaimer, before we even begin, is that these items are not Montessori Materials, they are Toys which I feel compliment some aspects of a Montessori Education and I will explain my thinking with each one and it’s relevance to L and why she will enjoy it as well.

Choosing gifts is hard. I have a love hate relationship with present shopping for anyone, though I find my mother and my husband the most challenging. I fret. I don’t think any of my friends and family would ever be ungrateful for any gift, but I like to make people happy by thinking about gifts and getting them something that really suits them, or their enjoyments in life or something the REALLY want or love. The same can be said for my little girl.

I am guilty. I indulge. I over-indulge many would say, but I enjoy shopping for her, it’s the most stress free thing I do, bar caring for horses! So, when I’m feeling stressed or low, I shop for L, which ends up with a skint bank account but my justification is 1) It’s Therapy and 2) She’s my only one, so why not…

Here are a few of the things from us and family that she will be getting this year:


This was one of those bargains that was too good to believe. When I spotted it stock was low in Tesco and I phoned my mother to get it online as my husband was out and had both our bank cards lol L isn’t quite ready for real tools as such yet, some perhaps, but the sharper ones, she still has to learn how to be safe first, but in time it will come. Perhaps next year. This year she has this. Wooden Nuts and Bolts, Screws and Holes, Hammers and more. She loves building and constructing and think it’s a good introduction to woodworking and such-like DIY – Not only are they great practical life skills to have, but an interest in creative craftmanship is pretty cool. Engineering and skills such as Hand-Eye Coordination for hammering and fine motor skills for placing items in holes and using the screw driver and spanner will be fun finger gym exercises as well, which are always beneficial for writing.

From her Grandma and Opa she has this Wooden House from the Early Learning Centre. Another bargain spotted!

Those who read regularly will know of L’s proclivity for small-world play and role-playing games however she often acts out in her games things she has experienced in her day to day activities – the conversations she’s had or heard, the activities she’s been involved in etc It’s a way she also plays out emotions whether it be her own or those of others and helps her understand and regulate I think. It’s fascinating to watch and she will happily do this for 30mins-1hr at a time, on her own. Sometimes she will ask me or her dad to play with her, but mostly she is content to just play away. This is going to go down brilliantly, her own little house and family with a full set of furniture to add from her dad and I. This is one of our Follow The Child activities we wouldn’t change for the world as emotional regulation is absolutely vital for all of us and if this is the way L chooses to do so for now, who are we to argue.

Grandma has also got her a doll that has a bath tub, I’ve got her some wash cloths, a sponge and some smelly baths and soaps she can use. I’ve also got her some nappies and clothes and a baby towel. L’s been very much into pretending her stuffed toys are babies lately and wanting to bath them, so we thought why not, pretending to care for a baby is a great skill and fun too for little ones. Lots of skills from putting on nappies and clothes to washing and drying, using soap, opening and closing containers, wrapping, dressing and more.


This book from her Aunt and Uncle is a total winner and will be loved and used for so many years to come. It’s full of beautiful illustrations and wonderful facts and information about classifications and more. It will be a wonderful addition to her Zoology area we are building up to introduce properly, soon. If you want to take a look inside pop over here to Amazon and check it out. Having had a quick thumb through before wrapping it up, I decided we definitely have to have others in the collection such as Botanicum and The Story of Life!

Lastly we have a couple of trips planned again relating to things L is interested in right now. Firstly, The Farm!


Grandma arrives on Friday, her Party is Saturday so on Sunday we are off to the Farm before Grandma’s flight departs int he evening. It’s a birthday surprise she will find out on Saturday and can’t wait to see her wee face when she realises. It’s currently lambing season so lots going on at White Post right now – look out for our review next week!

Our second trip will be in May and haven’t decide which venue yet, but we will be visiting an Aquarium! We have started looking at the Ocean and the things that live there and one of L’s favourite animals right now, are Sharks! Typical, I have an odd fear of Sharks and Open Water but L’s curiosity in them is rife at the moment with a big interest in Cephalopods as well. We may travel to Birmingham to the Sea Life Centre or head up north towards Hull (I think) to The Deep (?). Decisions to be made, but look out for that review next month too!


Spoonie Mum



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