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The Oceans and what we can find there.

We are not without screen time here at Casa Osborne, we’re very technology driven parents, both gamers, have a big interest in film and T.V and I studied the digital arts in its many forms, including game design at college and university and my husband is a software developer (programmer). As you can imagine it’s a part of who we are as people and so L is exposed a lot. Despite this though, we do try to limit it so she has off days and of late, she’s become more self limiting as well, choosing other activities over screen time. We are of the mindset that technology is a huge part of our world today and it’s always advancing and find no harm in letting L learn how to operate different technology, how it impacts us daily and the different uses these devices have. T.V can be both recreational and educational. We enjoy a number of programmes on Cbeebies, Octonauts is without doubt a firm favourite and has been for months and has not only taught L about the different creatures that live in our oceans, but developed her language skills. Seals are not always seals, she will ask if it’s a Weddel Seal or she’ll point to a Manta Ray in picture books or talk about Whale Sharks! The Octonauts are also compassionate about saving animals and the environment, which is highly relevant to the state of the world today.


With this in mind and her growing interest in sea creatures and oceans, I have been gathering materials to begin teaching about the oceans and have started slowly today.

I introduced L to the Coloured Globe and talked about the blue areas and how they represented the world’s oceans before we looked at a couple of new, interactive books I purchased a little while back.

The first is this hard-back fabric book which allows the child to do some picture to picture matching as the story unfolds and place them in the scene on the opposite page. L loved looking through the felt shapes to find the matching one and placing them in the pages. It was a great way to get her involves and talking about the creatures and what they might be doing and exploring language as well. We picked this book up in Aldi for £1.99 – bargain! The book is called Fuzzy Ocean and can be picked up in Marks and Spencer here.

L was so enthused by this book she was eager to check out the other new one on her shelf which is more difficult when it comes to language and a lot more words and it has more information and facts as well as activities. I think this book was her favourite as we did it together first, then she looked at it herself and later when she woke from her nap she wanted to look at it again! The interactive activity is a hide and seek element, where the page has coloured acetate with a scene and a movable card piece which acts as a torch to highlight a small area. The illustrations and colours are beautiful, another £1.99 Aldi bargain. This one is called Moonlight Ocean and can be found on Amazon here.


I have also set out some Montessori cards for her to work with at her leisure. These include the Ocean Cards from Imagine Our Life which you can find here free along with her other beautiful resources and more! I have also printed out Land and Water form cards from another lovely site full of wonderful resources which can be found over at The Helpful Garden here. She hasn’t yet looked at these but as I slowly change the shelves to suit the theme I’m sure she’ll get stuck in.

After we finished reading and looking at her books she wanted to do some colouring and crafts so I had some pre-cut shapes of sea creatures, bust out her new pens and then couldn’t find any decent glue for sticking on sequins – typical! The colouring went well though and we talked about each animal as she would tell me what they were doing in the sea as she coloured and created. I popped a video over on our Facebook page.


The plan is to finish these off when next the mood strikes, probably after dinner when daddy produces the new glue, glitter glue and roller stamps I asked him to pick up because she’ll be dying to try them out!

Look out for our Ocean themed shelf work coming throughout the week!

Spoonie Mum




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