Dog Shows and Music

It’s a bit of a tradition that we attend Crufts since our dog’s breeder started showing a few years ago and this year was no exception. We don’t show ourselves, not competitively anyway, local fun dog shows have always been fun to do, but we do work our dogs. Siberian Huskies are built to run and pull, they are fleet of foot, strong and capable. My husband likes to race and train but since having our daughter and juggling my disability he’s not been able to do as much in the last few years, which is a shame, as he and our eldest boy from Mysticwolf Kennels is an absolute champ, he’s placed in every race he’s run with medals galore. His younger brother is also built to run and hope this winter coming I’ll be able to encourage him to get back out there training and entering races.


This year at Crufts we did our best to prioritize our time better than we have in the past. We managed to make a good go of a very busy Discover Dogs section. It’s a place in Crufts where you can go and meet all different breeds of dogs, pet them and ask the owners and breeders all about the breed. L loves it this year she was more mobile and met lots of breeds from Chow Chows, Kooikerhondje, Bull Terriers, Akita, Toy Poodles and more. It was fascinating to hear about all their personalities.


L also watched the Siberian Husky breed judging with some enthusiasm whilst I sportscast what the judge was looking for and doing. Getting up at the crack of dawn and a busy morning there took it’s toll and by 1pm she was so tired meltdowns were beginning to happen so we called it a day and headed for home. I’d hate to be forced to stay anywhere when I was shattered, so it only seemed fair we call it a day and let her get some rest.

The afternoon at home was pretty chill, as always L spent some time in Tot School, she wanted to do some small world play and listen to music, so we put on the radio and had a quiet afternoon playing together. After a while she pulled out her Chime Bars to try and play along with the music playing on the radio, which was pretty nice. All in all it was a fun day meeting up with friends, playing with dogs and chilling out to some tunes.

Spoonie Mum



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