Montessori Group

Play Day

It was a play day kind of day today at our group, certainly for L, which is not a bad thing at 2 going on 3, play is great! There is so much value in play from expanding vocabulary, working on vital motor skills, both gross and fine, creativity, imagination, art, learning to communicate with a variety of adults and children and much, MUCH more.

From the moment we arrive, L is almost always dead set on starting with Play-Doh, but ends up, every single time, choosing a tray work that involves water either pouring or using an eye dropper to transfer water onto an upturned soap holder’s suckers. Today she did both, one right after the other whilst L2 observed and supervised. There was a conversation going on at the same time about the work and what characters were on each other’s shirts.


L is a chatterbox, she will talk the hind legs off a donkey when she gets going and today was no exception, despite the initial bout of shyness upon arrival. Once the girls had decided they didn’t want to do more work with the water trays, the Play-Doh was finally cracked out.


So much fun and learning had as the girls talked about what they were doing, discovering fruit and colours and making up games. Clever stuff! L eventually tore herself away to come find me for a drink and a snack and when she was finished she decided she wanted to do a little work on her own. She got out some baskets with animals, the first lot were Farm Yard animals and the second was a basket full of Jungle Animals.


She spent time identifying each and the sounds they make and pairing them up “Mummy, Daddy and Baby” and I did some sports casting dropping in the correct names such as “Stallion”, “Mare”, “Foal” which could be a “Colt” if it’s male and “Filly” is it’s female, etc. I’m not sure how much she took in, but for a while she was parroting back to me what I was saying before she tidied them away and moved onto the Jungle Animals, which I didn’t get a photo of. Mostly with that basket she was content to ask what each animal was called.

From there she went on to paint with water colour and spent the rest of our time there doing just that as we had to leave early due to me having an appointment at the hospital to see an Occupational Therapist for my arthritis. We DID get to give the girls their party invitations though, but also forgot to pick up the items M had on hold for us! My memory…Oh dear!


The one other work I saw her do today was mark making pre-writing tray with sand. She likes this a lot and have seen her use it a few times at group. I really need to make her a similar work for home, she likes the sensory aspect of this work as well…Task for the weekend!

Learning didn’t stop there, oh no! I had a hospital appointment to see the OT today and she was brilliant with L, who was tired and borderline psycho, but she gave her funny putty stuff that’s for doing finger strengthening exercises with (I may do some videos for our Facebook page to show you all, keep your eyes peeled) and showed her how bouncy it was, so she was tossing it all over the place. Naturally wanted ground to swallow me up, but the OT laughed it off and was just amazing. Now I have 2 splints fitted, putty to play with and a number to call to have my home assessed to make my life easier. Cannot knock that for service.


Yes that was her bribe lunch to try and keep her happy whilst I did my thing…it didn’t work lol My belly was delighted by the cheeseburger I inhaled though as I sugar crashed hard in the car on the way back from group I was a mess, pale, sweaty, puky, headach-y…altogether nasty. Cheeseburger and an OJ later and I felt much perkier. Pity it didn’t work for L!

Here’s to the weekend! Enjoy 🙂

Spoonie Mum



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