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Visiting Max and Other Work.

Physical “Education” is something L is involved with 24/7, she never stops. Whether she’s bouncing on the bed, running laps round the living room, climbing, jumping, dancing or rolling, it’s non-stop and exhausting to watch. I only wish I had that amount of energy again! So when she lost interest in Baby Ballet, I was more upset that she was. Same when it came to Horse Riding, though she hasn’t lost her interest in horses and just as well as I’ve decided to buy my loan horse and his owner has agreed so we’re at the yard fairly frequently visiting, brushing, measuring him up for new tack and rugs and whatever else he needs at the time. Today was no exception.

It was beautiful this afternoon, a chilly wind, but the sun was splitting the trees, blue sky and the first little glimpse of Spring could be seen peeking between the cold, wet fingers of Winter. Roll on warmer, longer days and shorter nights!

The horses have been turned back into the big fields now and boy do they seem happy about it. It’s a much longer trek to bring them in and out, but so much space for the horses to run and play and sweet green grass to chow down on. When we went to visit Max we had a lovely little stroll in the sunshine and L spent all of it jumping in the deep muddy puddles there and back. She was soaked and filthy but she had fun and she will clean, right?

Some of the horses were pretty pleased to see us, Max first and foremost, he was hanging over the fence, probably having heard us wandering up the lane chatting. His head was right over the hedge waiting for us. Nothing beats that kind of welcome.


L really likes him, even though she’s much too little to ride him, though I think she would be alright in lead rein, it is a bit of a height for her to take a tumble. At least when she’s riding the little Shetland Mr Chuckles, when she has come off, it’s not as far to the ground! She is more than happy to feed him though. Hay was distributed that had fallen on the ground, between him and Mr Chuckles, who was in the adjoining paddock it so happened and he also came running when he heard us up there calling to Max. L has learned a lot being around the horses, ongoing compassion for animals, respect for them as well as learning about riding and basic care. Often she will ask to help feed and brush Max and give him “Gentles” which means “petting” to her, picked up as we have always said “gentle hands” when petting animals. Max was very grateful for the gentle hands and tid-bits of hay she was feeding him today.


We did have a nibbled finger though, which led to some tears though it was a very gentle accident on his part and a reminder of the lesson “always keep your hand flat when feeding” Her finger was ok, not even bruised, which is good but it must have hurt, those teeth and jaws are something else.


I love seeing them together. Nothing beats teaching children to be kind and understanding to animals and care for them well. Compassion for all creatures goes a long way towards being kind to our fellow man as well, I think.

This week otherwise L attended her best friend’s 3rd birthday party and had a great time. She found it hard at first handing over the gifts but when she realised her friend was happy to share and play with her new toys with L all was ok.


There is almost a month between these two little ladies exactly yet her friend looks almost a year older! Craziness, but they are so cute together. Tsum Tsums, Balloons and Paw Patrol were a big part of the day and the kids went wild when a very surprise guest turned up to say Happy Birthday and party with them for a little while. There were games and dancing and lots of fun. It was lovely!


Next birthday is the two boys pictured where there is bound to be Paw Patrol, Pirates and Minecraft gallore! Can’t wait boys!

The rest of the week has been filled with working in Tot School when the mood strikes her. I’ve really learned to go with the flow throughout February when we’ve mostly been ill. She asks to go in frequently and when she does she really does focus on work based activities. A LOT lately has focused on writing and drawing.


She loves using a pencil and still frequently asks for “Work Paper” which are her workbooks that I bought before we’d settled on Montessori, but they’re one of her favourite things, possibly because she doesn’t associate “work” as any kind of chore. To her it’s fun to use a pencil and draw round the lines and whatever else the pages call for and the fact we do it together is something she enjoys too. I read it out to her and she does the work. There’s no forcing any number of pages or tasks, she does what she wants when she wants and puts it away when she is finished and chooses something else.


She quite happily works with these books from anything between 15-30 minutes which can be 5-10 pages worth of work.


Most of the work was maths based, again, not that that should surprise anyone who’s read my previous blog posts. She got her coloured bead stair and sandpaper numbers out again to work on counting and matching symbols with quantity.


The Golden Beads also came out. This time she was counting Units to match the Tens and we talked about Tens to Hundred. Harder concept of course counting in Tens which I don’t expect her to get yet at all, but whilst she had them out it was worth talking about anyway. We have some paper based work extensions for the Golden Beads around the Tens and Units, so we may have a look at those soon. Thinking of making them into cards rather than a written work, but we shall see, since she’s really keen on writing right now.


Other work that isn’t maths based she really enjoys still is grinding anything in the Mortar and Pestle. Right now we have Oats on there she’s grinding into some kind of flour. I think it’s a great sensory activity as well as a motor skill and practical life task. Next I think we’ll try herbs!


All in all a fairly busy week as we get back into some kind of routine doing stuff. Making pancakes for breaky in the morning, egg cracking, pouring, weighing and stirring to be done. She’ll love that!

Spoonie Mom



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