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Well we took some time off the last few weeks, only doing stuff whenever she took the fancy because we’ve both been completely sacked by cold/flu type virus’s doing the round and L and my husband got a tummy bug on top to boot. It’s been rife in here, serious PLAGUE and we’re still recovering. Bleugh.

As L started to feel better and not just want to lounge about in bed (I mean you know when a two year old is sick when they don’t move from bed) the first thing she asked to do was go to Tot School. She Letters and Objects were her focus so I did a run through on a presentation of the vowels and sounds with some objects.

16763611_10154822317920491_1617357894_oThe presentation was simple, I took each of the vowel letter cards and held each one in turn and pronounced the sound of the letter. I handed it to L and she said the letter sound back and autonomously traced it with her finger before placing it on the table. I then lined up each object and said which each was and then asked her as I would any 3 part lesson; “Can you show me ‘ink'” and then “Can you tell me what this is? Ink. Yes” and matched it to the letter. She was very focused and seemed to really enjoy it as she soon worked away on her own.

Last week we ordered these decorated semi-precious gem eggs. L is fascinated by eggs and these actually work really well with her favourite book right now which I reviewed previously ‘An Egg is Quiet’. She loves to touch them and play with them and match them as close as she can to eggs in her book, but she’s slowly learning the names of each stone as well as often asks which is our favorite. Big hit and glad we picked them up, they make a nice decorative piece as well.



Today L was keen to work on her puzzles and matching. I’m so glad we bought these from Aldi, she hasn’t stopped working with them since we got them.

She’s getting pretty good now as putting them together herself and with the matching cards for Dear Zoo, she matches the animals to their containers and not just the same pictures. Pretty cool I thought!



She also pulled out her golden beads to do some decimal work then went on to the coloured bead stair before pulling out her sandpaper numbers as well. This was a cool work I thought and loved that she put it together herself. She never ceases to amaze me with her thoughts and creativity.


Not bad going seeing as we should have been at our Montessori group today, but unfortunately, more me than L, just didn’t have the energy still to make the trip, which is an hour each way travelling on public transport and walking. Next time for sure though, this virus will be well and truly gone by then!



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