An Afternoon Out

It was an exceptionally miserable day here yesterday; biting cold, sleet and grey, grey, grey. A pleasant afternoon it did not make, I’m so glad we skipped the morning by waking up quite late! We decided we really needed to get L’s birthday party finalised, so we took a trip over to the Soft Play Centre we’re having it at and got it all booked up. It’s shaping up to be a fun filled afternoon on the 1st of April.


We have a Teddy Tastic Party set up where the kids get 60 mins of soft play, 30 mins for food and cake ceremony and then 30 mins where they get to choose a teddy to make and take home and a visit from a special guest – Paw Patrol’s Marshall. We’re hoping the group of 11 we have coming will have a blast.

I’ve booked in her cake too, which if the cake maker works her magic as she does so often, then it’s going to look smashing! Possibly too good to cut and eat! I best make sure I take a gazillion photos for posterity.


Well seeing as we were there and it was utterly dross outside, it would have been a bit cruel to deny L some play time, so off she went with much enthusiasm. Daddy took her up into the bigger section at her request and they had a riot on the slide and swinging ball. Afterwards she came down and played in the toddler area with a little girl where they spent ages just jumping off the little step into the ball pit. It wasn’t long before he daredevil tendencies kicked in again and she was off back to the older set up and scrabbling up the rope ladder, streaking past an older boy as she went. I swear she’s part monkey the way she climbs!



No need for Daddy’s help on that anymore then! I do love soft play, L slept like a log last night, the first time in ages she’s gone down without a fight. Today has been less energetic as I’m feeling gross. The medication I take for my arthritis can be utterly brutal sometimes. She’s had her knob-less cylinders out without presentation and been playing with her train track.



She alos pulled out her Dear Zoo and Spot puzzles from Aldi again, seems like they were a good buy and set about making the puzzle up using the colours as a guide to complete it.


Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling a bit better and we can do some valentines crafts.

Spoonie Mum



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