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Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles!

It seemed to be the theme of the day! Aldi have some great matching games and floor puzzles in for Hairy Maclary, Spot and Dear Zoo so we ordered the lot to make up some story sacks; well they arrived this morning before we went to our group and L just had to take a box with her. This encouraged the girls to get out some jigsaw puzzles of their own.

Spot Lift the Flap Puzzle.

The matching games are also pretty neat. Thumbs up for us. The Spot and Dear Zoo Puzzles have coloured edges which mean they have the all important control of error inbuilt making them perfectly suitable for Montessori Work.

It was lovely to hear A ask her mum today if she could work with L when the work cycle began for the afternoon. They set about a pouring task followed by play-doh, which seems to be a bit of a ritual to begin.

Working with Play-Doh
Watercolour Painting

They soon moved on to a short painting session. I really need to get some for home, we have various poster paints, but no watercolours. Perhaps another gift to sort for her birthday…I’m sure I can pick a few bits and pieces up in the Works!

At a loose end when she finished up painting, L couldn’t seem to settle on a work, so I suggested she get out the full size knobbed cylinders. This is a work she has at home and has been doing for a year now, but we only have the mini version! The full sized set is something to behold, it’s a beautiful work and L seemed really keen.

Knobbed Cylinders

She did the first one with no trouble, so I suggested she get a second one and try again. This proved a little more challenging but she got through it. It encourages me to want to get a full sized set, I just need to bite the bullet in the funds department, but paying the fee to buy our horse is constantly in the back of my mind!  Gah.

Knobbed Cylinder Blocks

We picked up our own full set of Knobless Cylinders today and look forward to doing a presentation with those with L next week! Look out for that!

Today was the first day L has looked at and shown any interest in either Botany or Zoology puzzles – A day for puzzles indeed! I think L2 inspired her to get involved as L sat down and observed and asked if she could join in.

Teamwork Zoology Puzzle

These two worked well together finding the pieces and solving the Frog puzzle. I think this is the first time L and L2 have worked together, which was really nice to see. I think the situation that arose a couple of weeks ago cemented a budding friendship here, they played with L2’s dolls and pram for a while and when it was time for us to leave, L2 got quite upset and L being the sweet and compassionate little soul she is, went to L2 and rubbed her back before putting her arms around her in a big hug for comfort and L2 gave her a cuddle right back. It was a beautiful moment.

Zoology Horse Puzzle

L then continued to do some more puzzles on her own – The Horse for Zoology, which you can watch her completing in a video over on our Facebook page. She also did a Botany Puzzle as well, but found that much more frustrating.

Botany Puzzle

I am pleased she chose these works today as we bought out first zoology puzzle for Tot School: The Frog Zoology Puzzle that L and L2 worked on together. It looks like we will be investing in the set and she seemed to enjoy them.

Unexpectedly, today seemed to take a real interest in what the older girls were working on and asked a few times if she could help or watch. A was working on a Maths Game at the table with her mum and H was sat here with the Planets Board. L was very curious, perhaps I will get her a book about Space to look through as she has shown a LOT of interest in drawing Aliens lately – hahah!

Observing Planet Work

I started a short presentation with some objects and sandpaper letter cards but her focus was elsewhere so we abandoned after the letter C. We have done some similar work at home, but it goes to show that child-led learning seems to work better for L than directed learning of what *I think* could be of value. Lesson of the day.

Beginning Sound Letter to Object Matching

Busy day as always at our Co-op and a pleasure too, even when I failed to open a tub of granola for my lunch and threw it all over the room instead >.< Sorry again Marie-Louise! Can’t take me anywhere!!

Spoonie Mum




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