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New Materials

The time has come again to expand our materials on the shelves, L is very focused on maths activities as I have mentioned before so we have that in mind when choosing what we think will suit her now or at least very soon.

Tower High Learning had some seconds that were looking for a new home, so we picked up a few bargains and have a few more items on our must have list asap.

Tomorrow we will pick up a full set of Knobless Cylinders.

Knobbless Cylinders

This sensorial material is a stand alone material that comes after Knobbed Cylinder work, however, it can also work along side the knobbed cylinders as an extension work. We currently only have the mini set, one due to costs and two due to space, however we are now looking to get a full set in the not too distant future.

Mini Knobbed Cylinders

We have also picked up our first zoology puzzle, with a few more in mind to get in the next couple of weeks. We have decided to get a few at a time which correspond with her interests. We pick up the Frog puzzle tomorrow, but also have our eye on the Horse, Turtle and Fish.

These puzzles are a next step up from standard knobbed puzzles where the shapes fit into individual insets.

Zoology: Frog

Lastly we are also picking up the Coloured Bead Stair, this can be used alone or in conjunction with Golden Beads. L can confidently count her way up to 25 and with her interest in counting and quantities we will begin the Teens Quantity lessons in the not too distant future.

Coloured Bead Stair

L actually asked this morning if she could have the tens bead hanger for her birthday. That is another thing, look out for our post on birthday gifts for our up coming 3 year old!

Below are a few more items we are hoping to order this weekend to add to our shelves:

Counter and Cards
Tens and Teens Boards
Large Wooden Number Cards 1-9000
Bead Sequencing

This little lady keeps me on my toes! Hopefully some new works invite new challenges and keep her interested and stimulated.

What have you got on your shelves just now?

Spoonie Mum




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