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The last couple of days L has been totally non-stop, mostly in the evenings she starts asking for “work paper” which can be anything from wanting to do pencil control sheets to letter and number formation to counting and whatever else might strike her fancy! My printer is asking for paid leave…

So what has L been up to and what have I been observing.

The Letter N
The Letter L

Writing and Drawing have been huge this last week or so, she is gripping her pens and pencils well, she is drawing recognisable features on her humanoid representations and if she’s not doing letters or numbers she’s wanting to practice pencil control sheets arbitrarily. It’s been fascinating to give her sheets she asks for and watch her go. This all stemmed from the magazines we buy her and wanting to do the activities in those.

Marble Run

Today she wanted to build her marble run we got her for Christmas so we spent some time working on that as she does require a little help setting up. Generally she will tell me what piece to use and I make it work.


A few marbles came with it, but I ordered a net from Amazon and then a week later spotted a box in Aldi and couldn’t resist, so now there are marbles EVERYWHERE.

It’s off!

Today she also spent some time listening to the radio and dancing before whipping out her Chime Bars to play along and then started trying to play the Alphabet Song and Twinkle Twinkle. We’re still working on looking at the colours and notes and matching them to musical notation but she’s got ages to get that right, as long as she enjoys playing and making her own music and playing along with the radio, we’re all happy. It’s great to see her improvise!

Chime Bars

Besides helping me, tidy her bedroom and relocate her obscene amounts of Playmobil, she also pulled out her lock and latch Melissa and Doug board and spent some time working on that. It’s been a wee while, but was surprised all the same to see how easily she plowed through it, even the tricky little safe lock and combination latch!

Melissa & Doug Latch Board
Locking up.
All done.

I’ve also just heard from her dad that she helped him feed the dogs this evening too. We have occasionally let her help before, mainly dishing up rather than putting it down to them because they get quite excited, but apparently he let her help with that too and she was fine. New practical life task, I’m sure she’ll enjoy helping him from now on!

Mjolnir: One of our boys.

Well tomorrow we have Montessori Group and a hospital appointment for me. Joy! Stay tuned.

Spoonie Mum




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