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Magazines: Do you buy them?

I am sure many a cashier has thought “why?” when they see James and I indulging L in the vast array of available magazines for kids and preschoolers, but no matter the format or content, I will always encourage a love of reading even if she can’t read (yet!) We have been buying magazines for L for 6 months or more now, she loves looking at the pictures, using the stickers, colouring in and the little toys that often come with them. I’d read to her and talk through the activities and do them together if she wants to. The other night I went to do such a thing, only to discover she’d been sat with her pen and magazine all by herself, despite not being able to read, doing the activities herself.


This was my biggest surprise. Spontaneous letter formation work. We haven’t even touched on the letter B with her sandpaper letters.

Not only that there was this:


For a little girl not yet 3, I’m impressed by her capability and desire to work on these things without prompting.

Other activities she had completed without my help or knowledge were the following: She was to draw a creature, this is her jellyfish. I mean how she knew to draw a creature…deductive reasoning skills or pure luck?


She also did some number formation…


AND…drawing ticks as she found the list of creatures in the picture apparently.


I only realised she’d been doing all this when she came to show me the picture of her jellyfish and then asked if I wanted to draw too. Flicking through the magazine was when I discovered all of the above and she wanted to do more.


She drew an octo-gadget which was Dashi with a telescope and then did the following:


She really enjoys her magazines and asks for them often and looks like she’s really enjoying doing the activities now as well as she’s independently completing tasks in them. We really like the Octonauts ones, but she also gets the Cbeebies one, Clangers, Peppa Pig and even had Thomas the Tank, My Little Pony and Paw Patrol.

Do you buy magazines for your toddler? Which are your favorites? Any recommendations we might not have tried?

Let me know in the comments

Spoonie Mum




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