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Book Review: An Egg is Quiet…


An Egg is Quiet was a book recommendation I saw on social media and after a quick look on Amazon thought it would be perfect for L who has an unwavering love and fascination for eggs of all kinds (birds, fish, dinosaurs and even chocolate!)

This book is beautiful, from the exquisite illustrations to the fact filled prose. It’s written in such a way that it’s both engaging and accessible across a wide age range. The books is jam packed with facts and information without being stuffy or over crowded. My daughter is 2 years old, coming on 3 this April and she has this book out daily at the moment. In fact, she spent a good 15 minutes regaling her poor Grandma on the phone about the merits of this book and asking questions despite poor Grandma not being able to see it haha! Luckily we have a Skype call happening this weekend, I’m sure it’ll be a family experience Us and The Eggs.


The pages are lovely and large using high quality, thick, glossy sheets. It looks and feels expensive.

It’s the perfect addition to any Montessori Classroom or Home Environment and would make a lovely circle time book to talk about reproduction and nature more generally.


There are a few more books in this series such as ‘A Rock is Lively‘, ‘A Butterfly is Patient‘, ‘A Beetle is Shy‘, ‘A Seed is Sleepy‘ and ‘A Nest is Noisy‘.

Definitely worth checking out!

Spoonie Mum



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