New Beginnings!

The most amazing thing happened to me yesterday that I just have to share because half of it still feels totally unreal and the other half is a raging demon of excitement just spontaneously bursting forth at any given opportunity! I am to become the owner of my very own horse, my loan boy who completely stole my heart and never in a million years thought his owner would sell. It happened so fast it’s no wonder I was in shock when I read the life changing email. There is a piece inside every little girl, I swear, at some point in their lives they want a pony. I never stopped. I’m 31 on Friday and my dream has finally come true.

Max is a 16 yr old, been there, done that, cheeky Haflinger with a personality to die for. He’s cheeky, head strong and stubborn, but he’s also loving and funny and honest. He works hard if you earn it and gives you everything if you give him the same in return. He’s a horse in a million and if you want to follow our story and adventure, we’ve got a new blog over at The Equine Dream, where I’ll be posting our journey and adventures, our training, high, lows, good and bad and everything in between.


Spoonie Mum



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