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Mathematics is Strong in this one…


I want to note that my photos are terrible in this post and for that I am sorry. I hope you can get the idea of what we’ve been doing all the same though. L’s favourite works are always founded in mathematics, whether she is manipulating and working with sensorial materials, the foundation of Montessori Maths Principles or early Maths Materials themselves such as Number Rods or Sandpaper Numbers.

The exercise above combined both. I presented the lesson to L and as always half way through got “Can L try?” I had Number Rods up to 5 laid out and Sandpaper Numbers laid out also 1-5 to minimise any potential confusion. As you can see in the image above, she grasped the exercise well and though mistakes were made as seen, she was soon able to correct her mistake all by herself when she realised. Problem solving, thinking and resolving. Truly wonderful to watch.


Something not considered very Montessori with regards progression is L’s determination to write AND work from workbooks. However, I said before, we aren’t super strict and we do a lot to really follow the child. This week L has asked countless times to work from her workbook, which have everything from counting to problem solving, number formation and all the usual things you would expect to find in an Early Years Maths Workbook. It’s been a firm favourite and she’s done 2-4 pages a day since Monday before wanting to move onto another task.


If it’s not Mathematics, she’s been advancing her drawing techniques, particularly using pens and pencils. For a while now she’s happily told us what her squiggles are: The dogs,  a horse, Mummy, Daddy, Grandad etc, but they had no form or recognisable shape. This week however that has all changed suddenly. L’s taken a fascination with Aliens. Her Aliens have recognisable features, a body, arms, legs, eyes, sometimes even horns and tails! It’s been a fascinating process watching this develop.



You can watch a video of her creating this little fellow over on our Facebook Page Pink Tower Living!

Today she drew a whole family and a sun!


Moving to a work in between both Art and Maths, she chose to work with her Colour Semblance Tablets. This work is still quite challenging and she does tend to get frustrated or bored before finishing. It was nice to see her choose to work on it, though the result was no different in that she didn’t complete the work, but there was a huge improvement in her ability to discern the different shades, which is new. Hopefully we will see more of this developing over the next few months.


Look out for our first Book Review coming shortly! It’s a wonderful little book both L and I enjoy.

Spoonie Mum!



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