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The Year of The Rooster.

We had many plans for today, but alas the cold we all have crippled us all by 2pm and the only thing we were good for was bed. L was cranky and disinterested in everything, even the things she asked for; food, park play, crafts etc.

We went to the event at Arnot Hill Park today and as always a wonderful craft event took place in the Civic Centre. There were crafters, a hired traditional Chinese musician and a storyteller, it was lovely! L made a dragon puppet, a fish decoration and together we made a Fortune Stick. It was very busy and by the time we’d done those activities L was wanting to go to the park and James and I were ready to curl in a corner.


For L’s sake we hauled our butts over to the play park where she had a god run around, climb and swing for 15 intense minutes before we all cried about how cold we were.


The afternoon at home thereafter was filled with drawing and colouring some decorations to hang. L spent some time investigating her table which is set up for exploration of different Chinese learning activities. There is a map from a region in China, Chopsticks, a Book, Fact Cards, Number Cards, A Dress and Music!


I placed the Fortune Stick on the table too for her to examine further and there is an information sheet on how it’s made and the meaning behind it. There are signs and tracing worksheets for Chinese Characters too.



There is also a beautiful porcelain doll in traditional dress I picked up months ago in a charity shop, part of a set. She was keen to look her over and play a little before settling down to do some more colouring. We’ll cut out and hang up her creations in the morning.


I really love the dragon she made this afternoon at the class and she wanted to carry it around everywhere afterwards so I guess she’s pretty pleased with her work too. Can’t ask for more than that!


As we were all feeling pretty naff, we decided to skip the meal we had planned for tonight as we really want to enjoy what we have lined up. We’re hoping we’ll feel more up to it tomorrow! On the menu we have:

Vegetable Spring Rolls, Dumplings, Egg Noodles, Sweet Ginger Fish and Sweet Peaches and Rice Balls.





Spoonie Mum!




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