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Working Together

As L is our only child, in her prepared environment at home, she doesn’t get the opportunity to work in pairs or groups, which is why we jumped on this group as soon as we heard it was being set up, as well as attending other classes and meet ups. This group though is the only Montessori focused group we attend so it allows her to foster friendships and learn to work as part of a team with other children who are working with the same materials and philosophy we are.

L tends to favour working along side or directly with A who is 6 years old. A will sometimes present a lesson to L or they will collaborate and explore a work together and I just love that 4 yr age difference and friendship being fostered with no boundaries or discrimination due to age. A is so patient and kind with L’s 20 question routine and constant chatter. In fact today the most beautiful event took place at the end of our session. L2 was incredibly upset that her mummy was leaving the house without her and L, the compassionate, caring and empathetic little soul she is went to her, without prompting to comfort her and wrapped her up in a big cuddle and L2 cuddled back. My heart melted into a puddle of goo watching these two little girls, one comfort, the other take comfort in that embrace. I couldn’t have been more proud of L in that moment.

Today was the first day L also decided to work with one of the other girls in the session, we only met for the first time last week when classes started back so it was really encouraging to see them working together today. In the above photo the girls are working together with scales and weights. Before hand they had the sand tray out working on making shapes and letters.



Practical Life works are a favourite at the moment it seems, particularly anything that involved liquid. As last week, she went straight for the dropper tray to work on.


From last week it was easy to observe improvement in her accuracy and technique; almost no water in the tray at all. She was engrossed in this work for some time this week alongside A who was working on a literacy assignment.



When she swapped that work tray over she brought the water jugs to practice pouring. Her confidence and accuracy is improving with this work too, but needs to work on patience. It was interesting to watch her pour fast and slow and from normal height and up high and experiencing different effects on what happened with the water.


There was co-op play-doh play going on this afternoon as well which L was adamant about playing with before group started!



The session was just full of opportunities for co-op work today but she did partake in a few solo works as well. This one is new for L. It’s a Fine Motor Skill task that involved a tin with small holes on top and a set of hair pins to put in them. It took her a short while to complete the task and she showed decent aptitude, which solidifies my belief that she’s ready for letters and number work such as the sandpaper symbol work.


The remainder of her afternoon was spent painting with watercolours, she loves arts and crafts a lot and we haven’t bust out paints in a while so she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the paintings home to show daddy, silly mummy! We will have to bust out some paint and things tomorrow to finish our Chinese New Year Crafts! Daddy can get involved then!



Well that’s all for today folks. Another busy day and all exhausted and ready for a good night sleep!

Spoonie Mum



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