It’s Not All Montessori All The Time…

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, I guess this is child led and she chose what she wanted to do all day, it just so happened to be re-discovering The Furby that we bought her last year! Nothing beats the inane babble from a semi-robotic, electronic creature that changes personality more often then my mood-swings when Auntie Flo comes to visit, when you’d suffering from post-cold virus headaches and lethargy. James and I are about ready to claw our ears off, however it is preferable to the cranky, screeching from L the past few days.

It’s been rough here, I’ve had this virus pretty mild, which is unusual for me. Don’t get me wrong I’ve no energy and feel lousy, but trust me, it could be worse. James and L on the other hand have been hit by the proverbial cold virus freight train and have really suffered this week. Whilst L appears to be over the worst she’s still tired post-virus and a bit snotty and this makes her susceptible to a major case of the crankies. (Cannot blame the poor kid, but we’re all totally frazzled)

Anyway, the Furby Boom was a bargain buy last year that we thought might entertain her for a while, again during an illness I believe and she was looking to interact with different things and the dogs were becoming too irresistible we thought this would be a fine alternative.


If you haven’t got one of these at home, seriously consider ear defenders. This thing has one volume only – LOUD and it’s chatter can get pretty annoying after a while, but L is absolutely nuts for it. I tried to scrape some educational value from this today by giving her James’ phone with the Furby Boom App on for her to play with as it’s all very interactive, you can have eggs laid by your Furby, hatch them, care for them and play games, feed them all and so on and so forth, so in the name of non traditional Montessori we chalked up the build of this morning and afternoon and even a bit of evening to ICT skills, which in the modern day could be considered practical life as well. Work with me here! Well computers are everywhere now and Montessori I think needs to be adaptive to that to some degree and as long as it’s not all the time or the only thing done, then why not.

Well it didn’t take L long to navigate her way around the app and learn how to play the games, it was pretty neat to watch her learn and remember what to do as the tasks were repeated. I don’t think it’ll last long, her interest in electronics is limited at the moment, but the novelty factor has been good whilst she’s recovering.

If it does last, we’ll possibly indulge and pick up a Furbling from somewhere for her Birthday. I’ve had a quick look around and have to say “WHAT PRICE?” clearly not made anymore, but if anyone sees one going for £20 or under let me know, even second hand in good condition would be fine. Furblings bring new unlockables to the app as far as I know and interact with the big Furby too so I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of that.


They may be beyond annoying at times, especially in your face ALL DAY, but they are stupidly cute as well.

From one exhausted mum to another – “Tomorrow is a New Day”

Spoonie Mum



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