Send help, we’ve been taken down by The Common Cold. L is hoarse, sore, snotty and eternally miserable. I have had a pounding headache for 36 hours, a sore throat, swollen glands and into minus figures with patience and the struggle is real. James…appears to be starting with a sore throat, it seems like by tomorrow we’re all going to be sick. Marvelous. Do not want.


Colds are the root of all evil for me, they start slow and come to a crescendo of awful and plateau there for an inordinate amount of time before slowly going away. Why? I have a crap immune system and just to add fuel to the fire I also take immuno-suppressants for my Arthritis so my immune system is compromised. It sucks. There definitely should be some biological, evolutionary law that allows mothers not to get sick at the same time as their kids.

Normal service will resume asap!

Spoonie Mum



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