Teaching Consent

My friend over at Little Londoners has written this insightful post about her thoughts on the issue of Consent. It’s an issue discussed at length everywhere you turn on parent forums, with strong opinions rife. How do you teach the importance of consent?

Little Londoners

What is consent and how do you teach it? Everywhere I look, people are stressing how important it is to teach our children about consent. The general consensus is that girls need to know how to say no and boys need to know that no means no.

I don’t agree, there isn’t a right or wrong way to teach consent, however I don’t believe its gender specific. How can I expect my boys to understand consent in relation to others without teaching them about consent in relation to their own bodies?

My children aren’t rude…

They will say hello or goodbye but they don’t need to give a hug or a kiss if they are uncomfortable. 90% of children that are sexually abused, were abused by somebody they know. My children aren’t being rude but they need to know that they can say noto an adult and they will…

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