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Music to our Ears.

This year I really want to get to grips with celebrations around the world, introduce L to some of the music and customs, food and meanings behind the celebrations. L adores music and dance and is very creative and expressive with her dances moves. I thoroughly enjoy watching her today dancing with wild abandon like nothing else mattered. Amazing. Since she was 17 months old she attended Baby Ballet classes every week, but shortly before Christmas her interest was waning and I think now it’s because she’s wanting something new, something more involved. We’re sad to have left Miss Hayley behind as she really encouraged L and gave her a huge boost in confidence when she was often a shy and wary baby.


I talked a little the other day about our plans for Chinese New Year, well a CD I ordered with Chinese New Year Music arrived in the post the other day and today we decided to have a listen. There were a lot of “What’s that sound?” questions asked as she identified different instruments and with my knowledge of traditional Chinese Instruments at an all time low, I vowed tomorrow we would look them up and listen on Youtube individually and try to pick them out. She seemed to enjoy the tempo and rhythm of the music a lot and when it was over she asked for more. The CD we have is below and you can buy it very reasonable here on Amazon.


With her interest still peaked I opened up another CD that arrived just today, from my neck of the woods this one – Highland Music, traditional music and songs from Scotland. Well! As soon as the drums and bagpipes were off, so was L, she was dancing and twirling, kicking and laughing. I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm and different dance moves, she’s got skills! This is what confirmed to me that perhaps the Baby Ballet is not quite enough for her anymore and perhaps a more structured or at least more varied Dance Class will suit her. I’m on the lookout! We jigged and waltzed and laughed ourselves silly this afternoon.
The reason I purchased this is not only for her continents box, as the Chinese music CD will also benefit, but just before Chinese New Year on the 25th of January is the very tradition Burns Night! The celebration of Scotland’s Most Famous Poet, Robert Burns. I can’t say as I youth I was overly enamored, but my understanding and love of language and languages only really took hold in my early 20’s, so I try to give myself a break. As an adult, I actually find I enjoy his work and that of Edwin Morgan (another Scottish Poet).

For Burns night we plan to have a wee celebration with a traditional dinner with Haggis (which L loves thank goodness!), poetry reading and music and dancing as well. I have some works to put on her shelves as well during the day and bought this very reasonably priced book, again on amazon, of Robert Burns Collected Works.


I’m quite looking forward to it really, I haven’t celebrated Burns Night since before My Gran passed away, she was a lass of the Highland Isles herself and a traditionalist, so I would probably have been around 6-7 years old! Cripes! Are you celebrating? Let us know what you’re up to, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

SlĂ inte!

Spoonie Mum



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