Horses for Courses

The past seven months I have spent a lot of time in a stable and I couldn’t be happier, I mean I’m always covered in mud and stink of horse, but it’s the best feeling in the world (in my humble opinion). I took a horse on loan in November and he’s been one of the greatest things I’ve done, short of making the whirlwind that is my daughter. He’s gorgeous, honest worker, and has a personality that is loving and cheeky. He would happily sit and lick me all day and hold my hand in his teeth gently, but he’s not shy to give you a good nudge if you’re ignoring him or stamp in frustration or paw the ground when excited for food!


I’ve spent a lot of time really bonding with him and listening to him and the amount he’s taught me about riding in such a short time is vast and even Equine behaviour: I’m hooked – There is no escape. J (husband) is most supportive of my re-connection with the horse world and has even got involved himself. L loves to ride and be around them too, so all in all we’re now a very horsey family, so it seems like a logical step for me to re-evaluate my career, especially in light of my Anxiety issues.


I’m a professional photographer by trade but the sheer pressure of the industry was the straw that broke the camel’s back in my case and it’s been a real struggle for me for the last year, leading to not working post hip-replacement. Horses however seem to ground me, I find peace with them, the work is tiring and satisfying be there torrential rain, snow or sunshine. They have motivated me on difficult days and soothed me when all else has been overwhelming, thus I have started to look for a part-time apprenticeship groom position within Nottingham. It’ll bring in a few extra pennies, I get to do what I love in a low pressure environment and still be able to home-ed L effectively. It would suit us all nicely as I do need to take time for me for self-care, we all need it and we all neglect it to some degree more often than not.


Watching L’s social skills develop and her confidence grow from being around horses and being encouraged to help care for them has been wonderful. Truly follow the child and great things happen. Whether she’s going off with friends of mine around the yards or making her own friends with older children, she gets stuck in filling hay nets, making feeds, learning grooming skills or sweeping, the practical life skills on a stable yard are extensive. The horses have been good for both of us.


Wish me luck finding that elusive Apprenticeship!

Spoonie Mum x


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