A little Culture never hurt anyone.

I’m sure I mentioned my rather appalling lack of organisational skills in a previous post, if not I’m sure I have at least over on our Facebook page. So we’re pretty slow off the mark this year already with looking at different cultural celebrations that happen through the year. L is an explorer, an adventuresome, curious, tinkerer who loves to be involved in new things and question everything. An inquiring mind is a beautiful thing!

I remembered when I was young celebrating Chinese New Year with school and friends, many of whom are still friends today and new friends I’ve made as an adult. The celebration is one of my favourites, right up there with Diwali (which we will get to later in the year!) Chinese New Year is all about Family, Luck & Prosperity, it’s celebrated with zeal and joy and what better way to introduce my 2 year old to other cultures and celebrations!

I have ordered L a beautiful little Pale Pink Mandarin Dress, which she chose herself (not going with the traditional red for luck this one – the rebel!) to wear as we are attending a couple of events around Nottingham both on the day and leading up to the celebration day. We ordered it from this store on Ebay.


Nottingham Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA) have organised a Temple Fair in Market Square, next Saturday 21st January, which we will be going along to. It’s free and suitable for everyone and will have “an opportunity to see and participate in activities which regularly feature as part of China’s new year celebrations.  There will be arts and crafts including calligraphy, brush painting and paper cutting; storytelling, music and dance including the Chinese Dragon dance as well as performances by Nottingham Chinese School.” – I’m rather looking forward to it and L will have a brilliant time with the music and dance, dragons and art activities for sure – me too!


Image Source – Nottingham Post

We have plans on the day to attend an event being run by Gedling Borough Council at Arnot Hill Park in Arnold. It’s free, but booking a place is essential. They have two different time slots and we’ve booked in to the earlier afternoon one. Chinese New Year inspired arts and crafts sounds like a lot of fun. “Families will have the chance to take part in a variety of Chinese themed arts and craft activities as well as listening to Chinese stories and songs with musician and story teller Ling Peng.” – For further information and booking, click the link above.

We’re also booked into an event on that evening at Lakeside Arts Centre, University of Nottingham to watch a light and projector show by artist Barret Hodgson. “Visiting artist Jiang Hongsheng has contributed his signature peony brush painting to this gorgeous sequence, and musician Ling Peng features too in this unique project.” – Lakeside Arts Centre
Tickets are once again free, but booking is essential! Check out the link for booking and more information.

Thanks to Twinkl, I’ve downloaded a myriad of crafts and decorations, facts and colouring pages, story bags and all sorts to print out and make ready for the day which I’ll post as we do them. Go over and check out the wealth of treasure!

In addition we have bought a few supplementary items such as a story for bedtime…


as well as some prop chopsticks which can be worn in your hair, but also used to practice the traditional skill.


As well as a beautiful music cd we can listen to in the morning to get us in the mood for the festivities!


Lastly some stencils to practice writing, making shapes and creating art! I’m looking forward to seeing what material the stencils are made from to see what art materials we can use without ruining them!

Are you celebrating with friends, family or just steeping yourself in culture? We’d love to hear about what you have planned and see some photos! Link us to your page or blog.

Spoonie Mum x


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