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Sandpaper Letters: An Introduction

Two posts, then nothing for months. I know, I know, I am genuinely a terrible blog keeper and the worst at organisation. Perhaps a reason I was drawn to Montessori for my daughter…I wouldn’t wish my lack of skills on anyone! Anyway, despite all that palavar, we’re back! (I promise) A new year is upon us and with it comes a new “term” (I use the term loosely as we don’t follow this strictly and have days off and holidays when we fancy). Since last I posted about our journey, L has really come along in a lot of ways from verbal communication and understanding of abstract concepts and language, to working with numbers in ways that make me marvel.


L is rapidly approaching her 3rd birthday (April!) and often find myself wondering if we do too much or progress too fast or if I’m doing the right thing (oh say 99.9% of the time) and find myself having to take a step further back and assess the situation, only then do I remember that Montessori is first about following the child and I really believe this to be a fundamental part of learning and more importantly, enjoying the learning process. L chooses her activities and when it’s something new I gauge whether she’s met other criteria with some competence before allowing her to proceed as I definitely don’t want to set her up to fail and thus lose interest or inspiration. If it’s a work that’s beyond her, I will always try to guide her to something more suitable or suggest an alternative, but for the vast majority of the time I don’t find the need and will allow her to try first. This is true of both Sandpaper Letters and Numbers.

L has always been very interested in numeracy in all forms from quite a young age and within the last 4-5 months, very keen to understand the symbols which represent these. We started just by talking about them and before long she was counting to 20 and able to recognise 0-10 symbols with ease. This interest soon drew her to the sandpaper numbers and with a presentation, we sat down and went through 0-5 followed soon by 6-9.


It wasn’t long before her interest in letter sounds and symbols began, so, from today, we picked out 4 letter symbols to begin – s, a, t, m and began the presentation for Sandpaper Letters.


She was so excited to use these letters that she reviewed her work as soon as daddy got home to show him what she had been learning. I couldn’t be more proud of the way she throws herself into new challenges and the focus she has to follow through on the work. I shall chalk this up to a good start to the year! Look out for our posts that involve the Montessori Co-Op we have started attending (started in November), we had a break over Christmas, but due back every alternate Friday from 20th January and we can’t wait!

Happy New Year, Folks!

Spoonie Mum x


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