Preparing for Autumn

This has to be one of my favourite times of year mostly due to the stark change in the environment that takes place, the leaves crisp, change colour and carpet the floor in this beautiful golden hue, frost glitters on windows and plants in the mornings and cosy times spent under blankets in front of the fire reading good books and drinking hot chocolates by the boat load. I’m sure it can’t just be me!

L’s now of the age we can talk about the seasons and changes that are happening, explore the world around us and let her marvel in its awesome presentation. We have many autumn walks planned to gather blackberries, collect seeds and leaves and whatever other treasures we can find so watch out for those adventures soon!

Today is a bit of a slow day, I’m having a rough day from sheer lack of sleep. L’s been really restless at night and waking a lot crying for the past week on and off through the nights, so we’re not in great shape, but I did whip out some autumn themed tray works this morning to add to her shelves and she immediately wanted to try them out, as seen on our Facebook Page, which you can navigate to using the Facebook icon on the side bar to the right.


L is right in the middle of what appears to be a period of focus on her gross motor skills, she wants to participate in a lot of BIG movement play and games and has so much energy so we invent ways to really get some maximum effort play going and one of the way we do this is utilizing soft play. She loves it, so much running, jumping, crawling and climbing to be had through mazes up rope ladders and across rope bridges, scaling walls and slides and ball pits. Definitely maximum effort!


Another activity she participates in every week is Baby Ballet classes. L has been attending this class for a year now and really enjoys it, particularly recently, socialising with the other children and especially loves her dance teacher. It has been one of the best things we’ve signed her up for as she gets so much joy from it. When it stopped for Summer we were a bit worried she’d be lost, but they came to the rescue with enough people interested and ran summer classes! Phew 😉 The class is very engaging, lots of great music to sing and dance to and excellent ways of introducing basic and simple ballet specific movements.


Lastly L also goes Horse Riding at Woodside Riding School every 2 weeks and my goodness her love of horses was big before, which is why we thought we’d try it, but now it’s unfathomable, it’s the ultimate activity! We started taking her back in June this year so she’s been going now for 3 months at this point. She’s ridden 3 different ponies to date, Marlon, Mr Chuckles and Dizzy. Of the 3 Dizzy has been the most steady, but Mr Chuckles is L’s very favourite, she talks about him ALL the time and even asks me to tell her bedtime stories about him (which I do and make up on the spot!)


We’re looking into foam mats and a balance beam for L as well, she used to enjoy gymnastics until there was more instructor led activities and started getting quite upset so we stopped attending. I’m looking for Home-Ed groups for Gymnastics and there seems to be a few, but all a bit far out at the moment with no car during the day: Hopefully that will change fairly soon. In the meantime, we’ll keep up with her interests and let her max out her need for gross motor play – trays and other works will come in time.

Spoonie Mum x


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