The beginning of our journey.

Hello there! Thanks for coming to read our blog. Our journey is very new in all ways: Parenting, Home-Education and Montessori, it’s a wild ride, but wonderful (for the most part!) Our daughter is almost 2 1/2 yrs old, bright, vivacious, adventurous and a real comedian, she has a thirst for knowledge.

We have a dedicated Prepared Environment for her Montessori Materials which we refer to as Tot School, a phrase coined (I think) by Nicole over at The Kavanaugh Report, it’s our little girl’s favourite room in the house. I don’t blame her, it’s so orderly and peaceful! We try to keep the rest of the house orderly too but with 3 Huskies and a 2 year old and 1 husband it can be a fair challenge at times.

Anyway this is what our prepared environment look like. We have material our daughter uses now and some for when she’s a bit older. We have lots of tray activities for practical life as well as lots of real life everyday situations such as getting dressed, preparing breakfast and snacks, feeding the dogs, feeding our lizard, cleaning and much more, but we also have trays for scooping and pouring and lots of other activities so she can practice these skills whenever she fancies. We rotate such activities as well so she has a lot of variety.


Above is our sensorial shelf, a number of these activities L is using now with good proficiency and understanding, others she’s not ready for.
From the top shelf, left to right we have the Pink Tower and Brown Stairs. On the next shelf down we have Colour Box 3, Colour Matching Order Game, Red Rods, Knobbed Cylinders. On the bottom shelf we have Constructive Triangles, a Fine Motor Skills Colour Game with dice and Touch Board. Each link gives a detailed explanation and presentation of the material and some even have videos over at Info Montessori.

If you’d like to read about why we chose to Home Educate in more detail and why specifically we decided on Montessori’s Method after much research of different Educational Philosophies, check out our About section.

As this is all a little new, you’re right at the beginning of our journey and don’t know how this blog will evolve over the years but it will have information on our daily lives, schooling activities, ideas, book recs and reviews, video presentations of materials and hopefully downloads of our own home-made materials and tutorials on crafts and baking and more.

I look forward to engaging with all of you soon 🙂

Spoonie Mum x




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